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Saudi Cancer Society is a non-profit organization founded in 2004, operating under the auspices of the ministry of social afairs, providing philanthropic services related to cancer patients. It aims to minimize the spread of the disease and to provide support to those already inflicted with cancer. The society is based in Riyadh, and its services reach cancer patients throughout the Kingdom. The society's 14 main services include: social services, scientific research, health awareness programs, an information center, a second medical opinion service, technology transfer, the cancer centres support program, the program for fighting the causes of cancer, the alleviation treatment program, a psychological support program, the assessment of herbal treatment program, a medical training program, early diagnosis, and support of scientific cancer statistics. Saudi Cancer Society looks forward to collaborating on the cancer challenge and further developing their progress through UICC scientific programs. The Saudi Cancer Society was accepted as a full UICC member in December of 2007

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00 966 1 482 9037
P.O. Box 9428
Riyadh 11413
Saudi Arabia
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Wednesday 29 April 2020