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With more than 1,200 members from 174 countries and territories across all regions, UICC recognises that all members have a unique combination of challenges and needs depending on their many different organisational models, contexts and cultures.

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In order to better respond to the needs of UICC members and regional differences, UICC has developed a regional approach to tailor the capacity building offer, adapting and facilitating access as appropriate, or developing key activities for the cancer control community when needed.

The regionalisation of UICC activities is a cross-cutting approach being pursued through:

  • Adapting the capacity building offer based on UICC's network of experts at the country level to ensure that opportunities are relevant, responsive and address specificities and needs of each region.
  • Making opportunities accessible to all members, through targeted promotion, accompaniment and translation, thus overcoming previously existing barriers.
  • Developing new activities when a concrete need in the region is identified, or a gap or low uptake of existing opportunities in specific regions.
African region

UICC's opportunities in the African region

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Asia Pacific region

UICC's opportunities in the Asia-Pacific region

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Eastern mediterranean region

UICC's support in the Eastern Mediterranean region

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European region

UICC's support in the European region

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Latin America region

UICC's support in the Latin American region

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North America region

UICC's support in the North American region

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* UICC uses as basis WHO’s regional classification. However, to best serve our members in the regions as well as to respect regional specificities, the classification is adapted to the following:

  • Africa (WHO AFRO)
  • Asia-Pacific (encompasses the countries represented in WHO’s regional offices SEARO and WPRO)
  • Eastern Mediterranean (WHO EMRO)
  • Europe (WHO EURO)
  • North America (represents English speaking countries from the North American region)
  • Latin America (encompasses all countries represented in WHO’s PAHO regional office, except for the United States of America and Canada)

Click here to check the list of countries and the region to which it belongs.


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As part of its regional engagement workstream, UICC regularly brings together the cancer community through interactive workshops named UICC Regional Dialogues to foster peer-to-peer learning and networking amongst UICC Members regarding key themes for the region, with the participation of representatives of partners and networks.

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