Virtual Dialogues

UICC's Virtual Dialogues provide members, and the cancer community, with regular opportunities to connect, exchange knowledge, access expert insights, and share solutions from the comfort of one's office or home.

Launched in 2020 as a means to maintain connections and facilitate discussions at a time of reduced travel and in-person contacts, the UICC's Virtual Dialogues provide members, and the cancer community, with regular opportunities to connect, exchange knowledge, access expert insights, and share solutions from the comfort of one's office or home.

Covering a range of formats and topics, the Dialogues have one key characteristic: they are 'meetings' in nature, just taking place in the virtual space, with participants encouraged to interact with the discussion, whether via audio, chat box, or Q&As.

Check out coming up or latest Virtual Dialogues below, or revisit past dialogues in the dedicated on-demand section

Upcoming Dialogues

Virtual Dialogue: Addressing antimicrobial resistance for better cancer care – the important role of R&D

Various medicines
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Virtual Dialogues series

Key thematic areas are sometimes explored through a series of Dialogues. Check out recent series below.
A variety of glasses containing different alcohol
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Various medicines
Virtual Dialogues series: Breast Cancer
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Virtual Dialogues series: Cervical cancer elimination
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Virtual Dialogues series: Tobacco Control
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World Cancer Congress Day 1
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Past Virtual Dialogues on-demand

Access on-demand recordings and other knowledge resources.


I gained so much information through participating in the Virtual Dialogue. I get to know how other countries are doing and progress on cancer and see the opportunities to improve on our cancer activities.
2020 Virtual Dialogue participant
I really enjoyed the member dialogue today as it gave me a chance to reconnect with peers with a sense of a global community.
2020 Member Dialogue participant

Latest news about Virtual Dialogues

UICC Virtual Dialogues highlight regional perspectives on cancer control

Woman on her computer attending a virtual meeting, symbolising the convening mission of UICC's regional series of Virtual Dialogues
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Aligning efforts for effective tobacco control

Cigarette end burning with ash forming a dollar sign, emphasising the huge profits generated by the tobacco industry and the heavy influence they use to undermine policy changes and more effective tobacco regulation
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Bringing together UICC regional communities in 2021

Each Virtual Dialogue in the regional series will focus on a different topic relevant to the region, based on engagement of UICC members in the region, potential for solution-oriented discussions, and consultation with Board Members from the region.
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Cancer beyond COVID-19: Strengthening the case for investment in cancer control

Smart investment in cancer care saves lives and is a net socio-economic benefit. Image from the Istanbul Oncology Institute, Turkey. © UICC 2015
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Cancer beyond COVID-19: reimagining cancer screening and diagnosis

The cancer community is adapting and innovating in response to disruptions in cancer care due to COVID-19 (picture taken at the University Hospital Hassan II, Morocco)
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Reshaping cancer control for ageing societies

Rapidly ageing populations present key challenges for health systems and cancer control, and require urgent action to address them
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Participants of a workshop in discussion at the World Cancer Congress 2022 (Geneva, Switzerland)

UICC fosters a learning culture across the cancer community, encourages collaboration and provides a range of knowledge sharing opportunities.

Two doctors consult a document in the hallways of an hospital in Mexico

Established in 1962, the Fellowships is one of UICC's oldest and most established portfolio of programmes.

TNM explanatory graph

Published by the Union for International Cancer Control, the TNM Classification of Malignant Tumours (TNM) is a globally recognised standard for classifying the extent of spread of cancer.

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Learn more about the International Journal of Cancer and the  JCO Global Oncology (JCO GO).

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The Global Initiative for Cancer Registry Development (GICR) is a multi-partner response to the disparity in robust cancer statistics across the globe, led by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) and Union for International Cancer Control (UICC).

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Launched in 2018, the Patient Group Mentoring programme is a tailored mentorship programme dedicated to building capacity of a representative cohort of patient groups at the regional level.

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