Our members share a passion to eliminate cancer as a life-threatening disease for future generations.
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Current UICC membership comprises more than 1,200 member organisations in 172 countries and continues to grow.

UICC membership growth throughout the years

Our network brings together cancer leagues and societies; research institutes; treatment centres, hospitals, scientific and professional societies; ministries of health, public health agencies; and patient support organisations to shape cancer control on a global scale.

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92% of respondents would recommend membership to another organisation

of UICC members say that they would recommend UICC membership

They know that the unmatched UICC network, convening opportunities, capacity building initiatives and advocacy provide the tools and platforms to improve, grow and have a bigger impact.


“UICC has allowed us to join forces, to better mobilize local resources in the face of cancer while learning from the experiences of other members.”


— Pr Ag Nayi ZONGO, President of COBUCAN, Burkina Faso

(Source: UICC Membership survey 2021)

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In 2021, UICC's membership survey revealed that:

96% of respondents say their experience interacting with UICC is "good" or "very good"

of respondents say their experience interacting with UICC is "good" or "very good"

85% of members are satisfied or very satisfied with their membership

of members are satisfied or very satisfied with their membership

Latest members news & blog articles
Cropped head of a white male eating burger, fries, soda and beer in front of his computer.
3 February 2023

Commercial interests drive millions of cancer deaths

Marking World Cancer Day on 4 February, UICC calls on governments around the world to prioritise four policy actions to reduce preventable cancers caused by tobacco use and the consumption of alcohol and ultra-processed foods.

Social media banner promoting the World Cancer Day Equity Report with images from the WCD campaign and inside page of the report
2 February 2023

World Cancer Day Equity Report highlights barriers to cancer care

In a new report, present and past members of the UICC Board of Directors write about the disparities in cancer care in their respective countries and regions and what is being done to close the care gap.

Logo for UICC's let's talk cancer podcast, a globe wearing headphones
1 February 2023

Podcast "Let's Talk Cancer" – Health equity and human rights

Deputy Commissioner Johanne Morne at the NY State Department of Health is among a growing number of public officials in the US and around the world with a dedicated role in improving access to care for underserved populations.

World Cancer Day 2022-2024 campaign image featuring a man and woman of different ethnicities.
27 January 2023

JCO special World Cancer Day issue on equitable access to cancer care

Ahead of World Cancer Day, JCO Global Oncology (JCO GO) is showcasing previously published articles on how to address disparities in access to cancer services globally.

Dr Dan Milner, Executive Director of the Access to Oncology Medicines (ATOM) Coalition
26 January 2023

Dr Dan Milner appointed Executive Director of the ATOM Coalition   

Dr Dan Milner, former CMO of ASCP, brings years of experience and expertise in improving access to medicines and diagnostics to his new role leading the ATOM Coalition Secretariat.

UICC staff mark the end of the World Cancer Congress 2022. UICC has organised international congresses every two or four years since it was established at a congress in Madrid in 1933.
23 January 2023

90 years of working toward closing the gap in cancer care around the world

UICC is excited to celebrate this year 90 years of working to lower the incidence of cancer and improve chances of survival for everyone, everywhere.

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UICC's Virtual Dialogues provide members with enhanced opportunities to connect, exchange knowledge, access expert insights, and share solutions on their respective and common challenges. Learn more

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Virtual Fellowships allow cancer professionals from UICC member organisations to obtain expert learning and guidance in cancer control in English, French or Spanish, through a series of four one-to-one video calls with experts. Find out more

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Member Testimonials

“The Report represents an outstanding example of how UICC, through its 1,000 strong members, is able to provide a unique civil society perspective on national successes and major challenges that remain in meeting the World Cancer Declaration targets. As a cancer control and prevention focused organisation WCRF International is particularly excited to have been able to provide input for this strategic report.”

Kate Allen, Executive Director, Science & Public Affairs

“The Swiss Cancer League is proud to have joined forces with UICC as it has enabled us to network with the global cancer community, access capacity building opportunities, and advocate to drive progress for cancer control.”

Kathrin Kramis-Aebischer, CEO


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