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Lalla Salma Association Against Cancer was founded in 2005. The association is now called "Lalla Salma Foundation - Prevention and Treatment of Cancers." In less than three years since its founding, the Lalla Salma Foundation has mobilized efforts to raise public cancer awareness throughout Morocco, launched an ambitious building campaign, organized the first national cancer registry and linked arms with an array of international partners in the fight against cancer. Inspired by the vision and leadership of Her Royal Highness, Princess Lalla Salma, the non-governmental organization is already making significant inroads in improving the quality of cancer management and the ensuring that all Moroccan patients have access to a high standard of cancer care. Early detection projects in breast and cervical cancer are underway, and the Foundation oversees a program of tobacco control is partnership with the Ministry of Health and business and education leaders. In 2006 the Foundation became associate UICC member.

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