2020 Annual Report

What an unprecedented year 2020 has been for UICC members and partners, as individuals and organisations around the world have struggled through the pandemic. In its work, the UICC team in Geneva has consistently been inspired by their resilience and commitment in pursuing their invaluable work. 

2020 was a year when UICC’s support to its members was more important than ever and it did its utmost to respond positively to the situation and carry out its mission though this unique crisis. 

UICC’s 2020 annual report presents the full scope of UICC’s activities last year to improve cancer control globally. 

Many thanks to all our members and partners, the UICC team and our Presidents HRH Princess Dina Mired and Anil D’Cruz during this year.

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21 July 2021
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Tuesday 28 June 2022