Government leaders get behind World Cancer Day: Report Released

15 April 2020

We know that not one single group of individuals can change the burden of cancer alone. However, as we are finding in this most dynamic time, governments and their leaders have a particularly important role in protecting the health of their nations. 

This World Cancer Day, leaders chose to take action and use their platforms to raise awareness, mobilise resources and drive further progress in cancer control and care. Even as news of the coronavirus gained momentum around World Cancer Day, the support for the day by leaders and nations alike was stronger than ever. 

At least 66 governments around the world (four more than in 2019) marked the day in their own way. Three governments - Malawi, Poland and Rwanda – launched new national cancer control plans. The European Commission kicked off public consultations for the ambitious Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan. 

Significantly, leaders in Greece, the UK, Australia and many others took the opportunity to celebrate those most impacted by cancer, including healthcare professionals working at the frontlines, cancer survivors, those living with cancer and their families.

It is times like these that show even more evidently the strength of support and the power of community and its leaders for positive change. The new Governments in Action Report  showcases these many and decisive actions taken in 2020. 

Last update: 
Wednesday 15 April 2020