CEO Programme

Building a resilient community of leaders and strengthening leadership and management capacities across the UICC membership

In order to maximise our collective impact across the cancer control continuum, we need to harness the broad range of skills and expertise across the CEOs and leaders of cancer organisations and build a mutually supportive community of peers.

The CEO Programme aims to provide CEOs (including Managing Directors, Secretary Generals and Director Generals)* of UICC member organisations with a suite of tailored opportunities to learn, network and share with peers about the specific challenges they face in their role.

*UICC defines a CEO as the most senior executive or administrator in charge of managing the organisation and who is responsible for developing and executing the organisation's long term strategy and managing the overall operations and resources on a daily basis.

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CEO Programme - global offer


Leadership in Action - regional CEO fora

Regional meetings bringing CEOs and senior executives together in their regions to discuss common challenges and opportunities, share expertise and good practices, and foster regional networks for change.

The UICC CEO Programme is supported by MSD

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Monday 24 June 2019