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UICC has been supporting the continuing education of cancer control professionals through online learning since 2014. Starting from a limited number of blended learning opportunities combining an online component with in-person workshops at the World Cancer Congress, UICC’s online learning offer has evolved over the years and now includes a dedicated eLearning platform hosting a range of both self-paced and faculty led online courses.

UICC recognises the key role online learning can play in ensuring specialised knowledge in cancer control is accessible to all employees of UICC member organisations. Through the online learning offer we aim to provide evidence-based on key topics related to global cancer control as well as providing opportunities for UICC members to connect with and learn from each other through interactive live sessions and discussion activities.

As UICC expands its role in this space, we welcome members’ feedback on how best online learning can be leveraged to support the needs of the cancer community.


15 courses


400+ certificates awarded


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Master courses

Master courses are online courses purpose-built by internationally recognised experts addressing priority subjects in cancer control through a blend of modular learning and peer-exchange.

Self-guided courses

Self-guided courses are accredited, online courses in which the pace of learning is set by the learner. All learning materials are available on-demand and can be completed at any time.


Micro-courses are fast-paced courses designed to provide an introduction into key topics in global cancer control. Additional resources and live elements can be included to allow learners to explore the topic in more detail.

What do our participants say?

"I am now well equipped to contribute positively in cancer care in my country. I am also grateful to have interacted and learnt from the great minds in cancer care in the world. I definitely look forward to more courses like this."


Participant of the 2021 Master course titled Comprehensive Cancer Centres: A cornerstone for improving cancer control systems

"This course was an excellent opportunity to understand the relevance of civil society organisations, within the context of cancer control, providing key management and organisational domains, such as leadership, strategy, managing people and fundraising."

Participant of the 2021 Master course titled Managing sustainable and effective cancer civil society organisations
Upcoming online learning opportunities
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Monday 14 November 2022