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UICC has been supporting the continuing education of cancer control professionals through online learning since 2014. Starting from a limited number of blended learning opportunities combining an online component with in-person workshops at the World Cancer Congress, UICC’s online learning offer has evolved over the years and now includes a dedicated eLearning platform hosting a range of online courses, from self-paced to faculty-led, from a fixed schedule to on-demand.

While not fully replacing the value of in-person training, UICC recognises the key role online learning can play in ensuring specialised knowledge in cancer control is accessible to the many and not just the few. This trend has only accelerated following the events of 2020.

As UICC expands its role in this space, we welcome members’ feedback on how best online learning can be leveraged to support the needs of the cancer community.

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Master courses

Master courses are online courses purpose-built by internationally recognised leaders in their field addressing priority subjects in cancer control through a unique blend of modular learning and peer-exchange. Launched at regular intervals, they are faculty-led and follow a fixed 3-to-4-month schedule within which the course must be completed. Participation is capped to guarantee a level of interactivity among learners and selection is on a competitive basis. In some circumstances Master courses may be complemented by an in-person workshop at one of UICC’s major convening events, such as the World Cancer Congress or the World Cancer Leaders’ Summit.

Self-guided courses

Self-guided courses are online courses in which the pace of learning is set by the learner and all learning materials are available from the start on an on-demand basis rather than accessible in stages. Self-guided courses are not bound to a fixed schedule and can be completed at any time. The content of self-guided courses is sourced from past Master courses, hence benefit from the same expertise and knowledge, however they do not include the live support of faculty, nor interaction with other participants.

Three self-guided courses are currently available for staff of UICC members registered on the eLearning platform. To access the courses you need to sign-up for or sign-in to your UICC eLEarning account. As the platform has a maximum capacity of active users, registration and access is on a first-come-first-served basis. Explore the self-guided courses below.


The courses have been accredited by the Accreditation Council of Oncology in Europe (ACOE) providing Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits to participants completing them 


Access to essential cancer medicines

The purpose of this course is to review the landscape and challenges of access to essential cancer medicine, with a focus on low- and middle-income countries

Integrating radiotherapy in national cancer programmes

The aim of this course is to broaden the knowledge of cancer control professionals about the need for radiotherapy as an integral part of cancer care.

Patient engagement for better cancer control

This course provides an opportunity to learn best strategies and tools to further the engagement of people living with cancer in all steps of the cancer control continuum.

What was the 2020 online learning offer?

  • 3 Master courses delivered
  • More than 1,000 applications received
  • 294 participants from 65 countries were selected
  • 142 course certificates awarded

Over 97% of respondents to the post-course survey rated the learning materials good or excellent


Over 92% plan to implement changes to their work practices as a result of their learning


Over 95% will recommend UICC online courses to their colleagues

World Health Day

"As a patient navigation and compassion coordinator, I have learned a lot from this course especially in relation to how best the navigator and other health care professionals can support patients and their families to access health care services and get better outcomes."


Participant of the 2020 Master course titled Multisectoral Approaches for Patient Engagement for Better Cancer Control
National Cancer Institute - Essential Medicines

"Understanding the breadth and depth of issues surrounding access to essential cancer medicines was an eye-opener for me. Prior to this course, I had limited knowledge on the topic, now I understand that access to essential cancer drugs involves many aspects, from development, supply chain and pricing, to pharmaceutical industry and government-related issues."

Participant from the 2020 Master course titled Access to Essential Cancer Medicines
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Friday 20 August 2021