Virtual Dialogues

UICC's Virtual Dialogues provide members with enhanced opportunities to connect, exchange knowledge, access expert insights, and share solutions on their respective and common challenges.

Ranging across three different formats and including series for key thematic areas, the Dialogues are designed to facilitate spaces for members' interaction, immersion on key topics, and the exploration of broader trends.


  • Member Dialogues: participatory online sessions, designed for connection and peer-learning, where UICC members will be able to share individual experiences and perspectives on key themes in a facilitated setting.  
  • Special Focus Dialogues: deep-dive discussions addressing key questions or introducing new concepts through online panel discussions, remote expert presentations or virtual workshops.
  • Long-View Dialogues: forward-looking workshops where influential voices and prominent experts will invite participants to take the ‘long view’ on some of the broader issues and challenges for the global health and cancer communities.

Virtual Dialogues series

Virtual Dialogues series - Cancer beyond COVID-19

Cancer beyond COVID-19 series

Virtual Dialogues series: Cancer and Ageing

Cancer and Ageing series

Virtual Dialogues series: Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer series

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Latest virtual activities' announcements and news
The cancer community is adapting and innovating in response to disruptions in cancer care due to COVID-19 (picture taken at the University Hospital Hassan II, Morocco)
6 November 2020

Cancer beyond COVID-19: Reimagining cancer screening and diagnosis

The first UICC Virtual Dialogue in the series dedicated to the changing landscape in cancer care due to COVID-19 addressed service disruptions in screening and diagnosis caused by the pandemic and suggested innovative solutions and practices crucial to saving lives.

Rapidly ageing populations present key challenges for health systems and cancer control, and require urgent action to address them
29 October 2020

Reshaping cancer control for ageing societies

UICC’s second Virtual Dialogue on Cancer and Ageing, supported by Sanofi, highlighted the important societal, economic and public health implications of rapidly ageing populations, the key challenges for cancer control and the actions required to address them.

3 Persons looking at a laptop
12 August 2020

UICC’s Virtual Dialogues meet with enthusiasm within the cancer community

Since the launch last May of UICC’s Virtual Dialogues, a total of 345 professionals have participated in this new suite of online activities introduced in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Virtual health nurse care coordinator (c) Jason W Edwards, US Army
24 June 2020

Addressing the challenges to the cancer community raised by COVID-19

Three UICC virtual Members Dialogues held in May and June provided insights and recommendations for some of the major challenges facing the cancer community amidst the coronavirus pandemic. 

UICC initiates a series of Virtual Dialogues - Smart domotics business city
12 May 2020

UICC’s Virtual Dialogues: a new suite of innovative online services for members

UICC is pleased to announce the start of its Virtual Dialogues on Wednesday 20th May, intended to connect members, facilitate knowledge sharing and provide expert insights.

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Thursday 3 December 2020