Virtual Dialogues

Launched in 2020 as a means to maintain connections and facilitate discussions at a time of reduced travel and in-person contacts, the UICC's Virtual Dialogues provide members, and the cancer community, with regular opportunities to connect, exchange knowledge, access expert insights, and share solutions from the comfort of one's office or home.

Covering a range of formats and topics, the Dialogues have one key characteristic: they are 'meetings' in nature, just taking place in the virtual space, with participants encouraged to interact with the discussion, whether via audio, chat box, or Q&As.


  • Member Dialogues: participatory online sessions, designed for connection and peer-learning, where participants are invited to share individual experiences or perspectives on key themes in a facilitated setting. May have a global or regional focus.
  • Special Focus Dialogues: deep-dive discussions addressing key questions or introducing new concepts through online panel discussions, remote expert presentations or virtual workshops. 

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Virtual Dialogues series

Key thematic areas are sometimes explored through a series of Dialogues. Check out recent series below.

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Regional series - View the series

Virtual Dialogues series: Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer series - View the series


Cervical Cancer Elimination series - View the series


Tobacco Control and Cancer series - View the series

Past Dialogues On-Demand

Access on-demand recordings and other knowledge resources from past Dialogues below.

Virtual Dialogues in 2020 


23 Virtual Dialogues hosted live and 18 recordings available on-demand


1094 participants from 458 organisations across 98 countries


Over 90% of survey respondents rated Dialogues as very useful in offering new perspectives and ideas

I gained so much information through participating in the Virtual Dialogue. I get to know how other countries are doing and progress on cancer and see the opportunities to improve on our cancer activities.

2020 Virtual Dialogue participant

I really enjoyed the member dialogue today as it gave me a chance to reconnect with peers with a sense of a global community.

2020 Member Dialogue participant
Latest virtual activities' announcements and news
Woman on her computer attending a virtual meeting, symbolising the convening mission of UICC's regional series of Virtual Dialogues
28 July 2021

UICC Virtual Dialogues highlight regional perspectives on cancer control

April through end June, UICC ran a series of Virtual Dialogues that addressed specific regional challenges faced by cancer organisations and looked at solutions and best practices relevant to their situation.

Cigarette end burning with ash forming a dollar sign, emphasising the huge profits generated by the tobacco industry and the heavy influence they use to undermine policy changes and more effective tobacco regulation
21 May 2021

Aligning efforts for effective tobacco control

Tobacco control is essential to reducing cancer incidence. The first UICC Virtual Dialogue on the topic held on 12th May provided valuable insight into how to unite the efforts of the cancer and tobacco control communities to implement effective regulation.

Each Virtual Dialogue in the regional series will focus on a different topic relevant to the region, based on engagement of UICC members in the region, potential for solution-oriented discussions, and consultation with Board Members from the region.
18 March 2021

Bringing together UICC regional communities in 2021

This year, UICC is leveraging its Virtual Dialogues to respond to the needs of members facing specific challenges in their regions.

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Thursday 16 September 2021