CEO Programme

Supporting a community of leaders, strengthening leadership capacities across the UICC membership

Serving as the leader or CEO in organisations of all sizes and from all sectors can be a difficult and lonely job. Cancer organisations are no different. Whether a CEO of a national cancer society, Medical Director of a cancer unit, Head of a patient support group, or Secretary General of a professional association, leaders from across the UICC membership face challenges unique to their role.

Leveraging UICC’s global convening platforms, the offer includes a dedicated CEO-stream at the World Cancer Congress, interactive leadership workshops at the World Cancer Leaders' Summit, CEO-relevant Virtual Dialogues and online courses, a CEO Award and travel grants for CEOs. Alongside this core offer, CEOs of member organisations have access to other relevant capacity building opportunities through UICC's regional offer or peer-learning support.


398 CEOs and senior leaders have participated in programme's activities


Seven dedicated sessions and workshops held at UICC global convening events


42 CEOs supported to attend UICC global convening events through travel grants

*UICC defines a CEO as the most senior executive or administrator in charge of managing the organisation and who is responsible for developing and executing the organisation's long-term strategy and managing the overall operations and resources on a daily basis.

Upcoming activities

In 2021 CEO Programme activities are being planned as part of the 2021 World Cancer Leaders' Summit and Virtual Dialogues offer. Watch this space as details become available.

CEO relevant articles
Despite the challenges oF COVID-19, CCS quickly found ways to adapt to the realities of COVID-19
5 January 2021

Facing a pandemic head on: How CCS took bold action to continue supporting the most vulnerable

CEO of the Canadian Cancer Society (CCS) Andrea Seale has been invited to share how her organisation found ways to ensure that Canadians affected by cancer were not alone during the pandemic.

Prof Anil D'Cruz, President of UICC 2020-2022 and Director at Oncology Apollo Hospitals, presents his vision for UICC and cancer care
4 January 2021

Towards a brighter 2021 – a vision for UICC and cancer control

A leading oncologist in India and UICC’s new President for 2020-2022, Professor Anil D’Cruz wishes UICC members and partners all the best for 2021 and outlines his vision for the organisation and cancer control, as he helps guide UICC through a changing health landscape.

Estimated age-standardized incidence rates (World) in 2020, all cancers, both sexes, all ages. Datasource: Globocan 2020
17 December 2020

GLOBOCAN 2020: New Global Cancer Data

IARC released on 14th December the updated Globocan 2020 with new estimates on the global cancer burden, indicating that it has risen to 19.3 million cases and 10 million cancer deaths in 2020.

Thinking Pink Breast Cancer Foundation is one of the only acting organisations in Sierra Leone working on raising awareness about breast cancer and bringing treatment to all Sierra Leoneans. Here, CEO Ms Pratt with former UICC presdient, Princess Dina Mired.
17 December 2020

How breast cancer patients in Sierra Leone are affected by COVID-19

In a country with extremely low resources, Thinking Pink Breast Cancer Foundation has made incredible strides and is now working to address the halt in treatments and funding due to COVID-19. Blog by its founder, Mrs Cremelda Parkinson Pratt.

On International Universal Health Coverage Day 2020, with the world still gripped by the COVID-19 pandemic, calls from the global community to realise the promise of UHC are more urgent and necessary than ever
12 December 2020

Universal Health Coverage: How law can help #ProtectEveryone

On International UHC Day 2020, Tarishi Desai at the McCabe Centre for Law & Cancer, writes about how law can help address deep and longstanding inequities in the social determinants of health that the coronavirus pandemic has revealed.

Mrs Rima Fakih, Ambassador for the Children's Cancer Center of Lebanon, helped launch the Global Aid to Lebanon campaign following the explosion in August to ensure that children continue receiving treatment
9 December 2020

Global Aid to Lebanon and Fundación Aladina provide essential funds to CCCL

Donations to the Global Aid to Lebanon have covered essential medications for 60 patients as well as bone marrow transplants for 15 children thanks to the generosity of Fundación Aladina. 

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