UICC and McKinsey agree to collaborate on capacity building of cancer organisations

Cary Adams, CEO of UICC and Bjorn Albrecht, Mckinsey’s Partner and Head of the McKinsey Cancer Center, shaking hands at the 11th Annual McKinsey Cancer Congress Series Symposium at ASCO Annual Meeting in Chicago. McKinsey & Company (McKinsey) and the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in support of UICC’s flagship leadership development initiative, the CEO Programme.
4 June 2019

4 June 2019 | The Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) has signed a memorandum of understanding with McKinsey & Company (McKinsey) to foster future collaboration and strengthen leadership capacities of cancer organisations.

According to the agreement, McKinsey will support UICC’s CEO Programme. This flagship development initiative provides CEO’s and other senior executives of UICC member organisations with tailored opportunities to learn and network with peers.

The cancer leadership community will thus benefit from the healthcare industry insights McKinsey has developed over the years, as one of the leading management consulting firms worldwide. The collaboration will include the engagement of McKinsey’s experts as speakers at UICC’s CEO-dedicated events, as well as the sharing of CEO-relevant know-how through regular McKinsey articles on UICC’s online platforms.

Earlier this year, McKinsey’s Associate Partner and leader of its health systems financing service for Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, Arno Heinrich, intervened as a speaker at the UICC’s Leadership in Action meeting in Muscat, the regional component of the CEO Programme.

He shared his experience of designing health system financing strategies with different governments. The contribution was very well received by all participants and highlighted the potential learning opportunities of such a collaboration.

“McKinsey's know-how and consolidated experience in leadership development will deliver additional benefits to our members, further developing their capacities and helping them become even more impactful.”
– Dr Cary Adams, CEO, UICC

Besides contributing key expertise to the UICC CEO’s Programme, the partnership will also act as a bridge between the McKinsey Cancer Center, a cross-functional network of experts working to advance access to cutting-edge oncology innovations, and the broader cancer community represented by UICC, engaged in addressing today’s equity gap in cancer care.

“We at McKinsey are proud to partner with UICC to improve and build leadership skills of cancer organisations around the world. We look forward to making a difference and I’m excited about this new opportunity to work with UICC.”
– Bjorn Albrecht, McKinsey’s Partner and Head of the McKinsey Cancer Center

UICC hopes this pioneering collaboration will lead to other partnerships, bringing in relevant expertise and knowledge to ensure the cancer community is effectively equipped in its efforts to reduce the global cancer burden.

About the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC)

The Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) is the largest and oldest international cancer-fighting organisation. Founded in Geneva in 1933, UICC has over 1,100 members in 170 countries, enjoys consultative status with the United Nations (ECOSOC) and has official relations with the following institutions: WHO, IARC, IAEA, UNODC. UICC has over 50 partners, including associations working to fight cancer, as well as companies and foundations. UICC is a founding member of the NCD Alliance, McCabe Centre and ICCP. 

UICC’s mission is to unite and support the cancer community to reduce the global cancer burden, to promote greater equality and to ensure that the cancer control continues to be a priority in the world health and development agenda. Its main areas of activity focus on convening the world's leaders for innovative, wide-reaching, cancer-control events and initiatives; building capacity to meet regional needs; and developing awareness campaigns.

More information is available at: www.uicc.org.

About the McKinsey Cancer Center

The McKinsey Cancer Center (McKCC) combines the extensive cross-functional oncology experience of our team with methodologies for generating deep market insights, advanced-analytics platforms, and input from a network of leading external experts. We work to advance cutting-edge oncology innovations (both therapeutic and diagnostic) with pharmaceutical and biotech companies and investors. Approaches we design make it possible for health-care providers to deliver better care, and solutions we propose help health systems and policy makers realize the best possible outcomes for cancer patients. Operating in all geographies, the McKinsey Cancer Center conducts more than 100 client engagements annually across strategy, R&D, business development, marketing and sales, market access and policy, and care-delivery topics. We share our cutting-edge knowledge at international oncology conferences, as well as in peer-reviewed publications and other leading industry journals.

More information is available at: https://www.mckinsey.com/industries/pharmaceuticals-and-medical-products/how-we-help-clients/mckinsey-cancer-center

Main image: Cary Adams, CEO of UICC and Bjorn Albrecht, McKinsey’s Partner and Head of the McKinsey Cancer Center, shaking hands at the 11th Annual McKinsey Cancer Congress Series Symposium at ASCO Annual Meeting in Chicago.

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Wednesday 24 July 2019