Leadership in Action

UICC’s Leadership in Action meetings allow senior executives of member organisations to come together in their regions to discuss common challenges and opportunities, share expertise and best practices, and engage in the development of tailored UICC capacity building activities. It constitutes a unique opportunity to connect with leaders from across the cancer control spectrum, building regional networks for change.

See below upcoming meetings for your region, or get in touch for more details.

Leadership in Action, Asia-Pacific, 27 March

Leadership in Action for the Asia-Pacific region
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The second Leadership in Action meeting for UICC members in the Asia-Pacific region took place on Wednesday, March 27th, at the One Farrer Hotel in Singapore.

Hosted by the Singapore Cancer Society and supported by Cancer Council Australia, this one-day meeting provided a platform for UICC Full members* from the South East Asia and Western Pacific regions to discuss common challenges and opportunities, and share expertise and best practices. Furthermore, participants had the opportunity to attend the War on Cancer Asia 2019 event.

Read here the article about the meeting, the participants and the programme.

The 2nd Leadership in Action meeting for UICC members in the Asia-Pacific region was kindly hosted by Singapore Cancer Society and travel supported by Cancer Council Australia

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Cancer Council Australia



The UICC Public-Private Dialogue was supported by Astellas and Novartis

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Leadership in Action, Middle East and North Africa, 1-3 April

Leadership in Action for the MENA region
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The first Leadership in Action meeting for UICC members in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region took place in Muscat, Oman, from Monday 1st to Wednesday 3rd April 2019, at the Grand Hyatt Hotel.

Hosted by the Oman Cancer Association (OCA), the meeting brought together CEO-level (or equivalent) executives from the region. Building momentum towards the 2020 World Cancer Congress in Oman, it was an opportunity for leaders in the region to discuss common challenges, explore closer collaborations and hear about the latest cancer control topics in the region.

Read the news article here to learn about the programme, participants and how the meeting developed.

The Leadership in Action meeting was hosted and supported by the Oman Cancer Association

Oman Cancer Association

The UICC Public-Private Dialogue was supported by Novartis and Roche


Leadership in Action, Francophone Africa, 12 June

Leadership in Action in Francophone Africa


Dans le cadre du Programme dédié aux dirigeants d’organisations de lutte contre le cancer, l’UICC a lancé en 2017 des ateliers régionaux nommés « Leaders en Action » avec deux premiers événements en Asie et en Amérique latine.

En 2019, ces ateliers sont organisés dans quatre régions dont pour la première fois en Afrique francophone.

L’objectif de ces ateliers est de créer une plateforme régionale pour les membres de l’UICC en vue de renforcer leurs capacités organisationnelles et ouvrir des opportunités de collaborations. Pour assurer la mise en œuvre de ces opportunités, l’UICC propose des activités de suivi telles que les Bourses pour l’Afrique francophone ou les bourses de leadership (financement pour une visite de 10 jours d’un autre dirigeant de la région sur une thématique organisationnelle).


Dirigeants ou membres de l’équipe de direction – des organisations membres de l’UICC dans la sous-région d’Afrique francophone.





Accueil et cérémonie d’ouverture


Couverture santé universelle et lutte contre le cancer en Afrique francophone

  • Vers une définition holistique de la CSU
  • Engagement des parties prenantes et opportunités d’avancement dans la sous-région
  • Financements innovants pour la CSU


Le rôle de la société civile pour la CSU

  • Résultat du sondage sur la CSU
  • Etudes de cas – les succès de l’engagement de la société civile pour la CSU
  • Sondage en direct des participants sur les opportunités


Pause café


Session thématique sur la mise en place de coalitions dans la région

Etudes de cas




Expertise Marketplace/ Bourses de l’expertise

Exercice de réseautage basé sur les résultats du sondage sur les compétences et besoins des participants. Discussions de groupe sur les priorités de renforcement des capacités organisationnelles dans la région.


Pause café


Table-Ronde –Groupe de discussion public-privé

Thématique régionale à déterminer en lien avec les priorités identifiées par les principales parties prenantes et sponsors





Leadership in Action meetings have previously taken place in Seoul, Republic of Korea, for the Asia-Pacific region, and Mexico City, Mexico, for the Latin America region.

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Tuesday 30 April 2019
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21 May 2019 | Geneva, Switzerland - Discussions kicked off in earnest today, with Member States examining the WHO’s budget for 2020-2021 as well as the new framework Dr Tedros Adhanom, Director General of the World Health Organization has proposed to analyse how effectively WHO and Member States are meeting their goals. While the proposed budget includes a 5% increase in funding for NCDs (Non-Communicable Diseases), it is not clear where and how this will be divided up across the new WHO structure.

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This year’s World Health Assembly (WHA) has a packed agenda and will bring together delegates from around the world to discuss issues spanning the breath of global health. This article aims to provide UICC members with a digest of key agenda items and why they are relevant for the cancer community, alongside a snapshot of cancer-relevant side events taking place. 

30 April 2019

Five things you should know about the 72nd World Health Assembly

The 72nd World Health Assembly (WHA) will be taking place from 20-28 May 2019 in Geneva, Switzerland, and will bring together delegations from across the world to discuss key health issues, including Universal Health Coverage (UHC) access to medicines and vaccines, antimicrobial resistance, human resources for health, amongst others.

At this year’s WHA, UICC has a full agenda including ‘Walk the Talk’ and a side event ‘Leaving no one behind? Tracking ‘Health for All’ from rhetoric to reality’, in collaboration with other NGOs, including the UK working group on NCDs which brings together 20 further UK-based organisations.

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The new Congress website is now live

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25 April 2019

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