Cancer control at the centre of key events in Mexico City this October

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30 September 2019

During the first week of October, Mexico City will be the point of convergence of high-level discussions and exchanges focusing on systemic solutions for cancer care and control in Latin America.

Approximately 1.1 million new cancer cases and 600,000 cancer deaths are estimated to occur annually in Latin America and the Caribbean[1]. While there are major variations across countries in the region, a recent study focusing on 12 states in Central and South America outlined some common priority areas that could help boost cancer control efforts[2]. These include, for example, having effective national cancer control plans in place, growing portions of government health budgets allocated to cancer needs, and robust cancer-data collection to inform policy initiatives.

Despite efforts toward universal healthcare coverage in the region, inequities within countries are as prevalent as those between them, with higher incidences of some types of cancers being reported for indigenous populations and those residing in rural areas, often due to their limited access to health-care services[3].

It is with this backdrop that UICC, in collaboration with the Instituto Nacional de Cancerología de México (INCan), is hosting its second Leadership in Action meeting for the Latin America region in Mexico City on October 4th 2019. As part of UICC’s CEO Programme, the meeting will bring together around 40 leaders and senior executives of cancer organisations from 15 Latin American countries to address some of the key challenges affecting cancer control in the region: universal health coverage for cancer, financing for national cancer control plans, approaches to influence and mobilise policy-makers.

The Leadership in Action meeting will build on the discussions of The Economist’s War on Cancer Latin America event, taking place the day before, and follow up a forum organised by INCan to unite the Mexican cancer community and policy-makers behind a renewed strategic turn for cancer control in the country, making Mexico City a focal point for cancer control solutions in the region this October.

Are you a member organisation interested in convening the cancer community in your region? UICC is happy to hear from member organisations wishing to host a Leadership in Action meeting - read more here and submit your expression of interest through this online form

[2] Cancer control, access and inequality in Latin America – A tale of light and shadow, The Economist Intelligence Unit,accessandinequalityinLatinAmerica.pdf

[3] Social inequalities in cancer in Latin America, Raúl Murillo – Reducing social inequalities in cancer: evidence and priorities for research, IARC Scientific Publication no.168

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