CEO Events

Whether via dedicated sessions during UICC's annual global events, or during regional Leadership in Action meetings, the CEO Programme regularly brings CEO and senior executives together to discuss common challenges and opportunities, share expertise and good practices, and foster networks for change.

See below upcoming meetings, or get in touch for more details.

Upcoming CEO related Events

Leadership in Action, Latin America, 4 October 2019

Reunión 'Liderazgo en acción' en Latinoamérica

La próxima reunión de "Liderazgo en acción" para los miembros de la UICC de Latinoamérica* tendrá lugar el 4 de octubre en el Hotel Intercontinental Presidente de Ciudad de México, y contará con el Instituto Nacional de Cancerología de México (INCan) como organización anfitriona.

Se trata de una oportunidad para los altos directivos (presidentes, directores ejecutivos, secretarios generales…) de las organizaciones miembro para discutir sobre oportunidades y desafíos comunes, compartir mejores prácticas y conocimientos, así como fortalecer los lazos a nivel regional.

Programa preliminar de la jornada:

9:00 - 10:30

Sentando las bases de la Cobertura Sanitaria Universal

Setting the basis of Universal Health Coverage (UHC)

11:00 - 13:00

Diálogo multisectorial público-privado de la UICC

UICC Public-Private Dialogue

13:00 - 14:00 Almuerzo / Networking Lunch
14:00 - 15:30

Incidencia política para cambios legislativos

Advocacy for legislative change

16:00 - 18:00

Intercambio de conocimiento: compartir experiencias para estrechar lazos entre los miembros de la UICC

Expertise Marketplace: sharing expertise, strengthening collaborations among UICC members

* Unicamente por nvitación limitada a una persona por organización miembro de pleno derecho.


'Leadership in Action' meeting in Latin America

The next Leadership in Action meeting for UICC members from the Latin America region* will take place on 4th October at the Hotel Intercontinental Presidente in Mexico City, and will be hosted by the Instituto Nacional de Cancerología de México (INCan).

The meeting will bring CEOs and senior executives (including Managing Directors, Secretary Generals and Director Generals) together to discuss common challenges and opportunities, share expertise and best practices, and foster regional networks for change.

Preliminary programme of the day above.

* Under invitation and limited to one person per full member organisation.

Read the report here  about the first edition of this meeting during the WCLS 2017.


Host organisation / Organización anfitriona - Instituto Nacional de Cancerología (INCan), México

INCan logo


Past CEO related Events

Leadership in Action, Asia-Pacific, 27 March 2019

Leadership in Action for the Asia-Pacific region

LIA APAC 2019.jpg

The second Leadership in Action meeting for UICC members in the Asia-Pacific region took place on Wednesday, March 27th, at the One Farrer Hotel in Singapore.

Hosted by the Singapore Cancer Society and supported by Cancer Council Australia, this one-day meeting provided a platform for UICC Full members* from the South East Asia and Western Pacific regions to discuss common challenges and opportunities, and share expertise and best practices. Furthermore, participants had the opportunity to attend the War on Cancer Asia 2019 event.

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The report of the meeting is now available HERE

The 2nd Leadership in Action meeting for UICC members in the Asia-Pacific region was kindly hosted by Singapore Cancer Society and travel supported by Cancer Council Australia

SCS Logo Eng FA (1).png
Cancer Council Australia



The UICC Public-Private Dialogue was supported by Astellas and Novartis

Novartis logo


Leadership in Action, Middle East and North Africa, 1-3 April 2019

Leadership in Action for the MENA region

LiA Oman.jpg

The first Leadership in Action meeting for UICC members in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region took place in Muscat, Oman, from Monday 1st to Wednesday 3rd April 2019, at the Grand Hyatt Hotel.

Hosted by the Oman Cancer Association (OCA), the meeting brought together CEO-level (or equivalent) executives from the region. Building momentum towards the 2020 World Cancer Congress in Oman, it was an opportunity for leaders in the region to discuss common challenges, explore closer collaborations and hear about the latest cancer control topics in the region.

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The report of the meeting is now available here.


The Leadership in Action meeting was hosted and supported by the Oman Cancer Association

Oman Cancer Association

The UICC Public-Private Dialogue was supported by Novartis and Roche



Leadership in Action, Francophone Africa, 12 June 2019

Leadership in Action in Francophone Africa

La primiere edition de la réunion « Leaders en Action » pour les membres de l'UICC de l'Afrique Francophone a eu lieu le 12 juin au Dakar, Sénegal. Organisé dans le cadre du Programme CEO de l’UICC et destinés aux dirigeants, présidents et secrétaires généraux des organisations de lutte contre le cancer membres de l’UICC, ces ateliers « Leaders en Action » mettent à disposition une plateforme de collaboration pour partager les expertises, opportunités et bonnes pratiques, ainsi que de réfléchir sur les défis communs au niveau régional.

A cette occasion, des thèmes tels que la couverture santé universelle (CSU) dans la région, le rôle de la société civile pour atteindre la CSU, ainsi que les défis et opportunités des collaborations et alliances en Afrique francophone ont été abordés à travers des présentations et des interventions des participants. Finalement, la séance de groupe de discussion public-privé (sponsorisé par Novartis) a permis d'aborder la question de "Comment les approches multisectorielles peuvent répondre aux défis de la lutte contre les cancers féminins en Afrique francophone" avec des travaux des groups.

La réunion Leaders en Action pour les members de l'UICC de l'Afrique Francophone a été organisé par l’UICC en collaboration avec la Ligue Sénégalaise Contre le Cancer (LISCA) et avec le soutien de Novartis.

Novartis logo
LISCA logo.png

Cancers féminins en Afrique : explorer les opportunités de partenariat

Le 13 et 14 juin, l'UICC, en lien avec les actions de l’OMS, et avec le soutien de l’Institut National du Cancer (INCa France), a organisé un atelier qui avait par objectif de réunir les acteurs clés, dont des représentants des Ministères de la Santé, la société civile et les partenaires techniques de certains pays pilotes d’Afrique francophone, en vue d’explorer les perspectives de partenariat régional pour la lutte contre les cancers féminins, en particulier le cancer du col de l’utérus.

Cet atelier à permis aux participants d’échanger sur les opportunités et défis des approches partenariales ainsi que de poser les premiers jalons d’efforts conjoints pour la lutte contre les cancers féminins, en particulier le cancer du col de l’utérus dans la région.

Cet atelier a été organisé avec le soutien de l’Institut national du cancer (INCa France)




Lisez l'article sur les réunions ici.


Past Leadership in Action reports

Leadership in Action meetings have previously taken place in Seoul, Republic of Korea, for the Asia-Pacific region, and Mexico City, Mexico, for the Latin America region.

Last update: 
Friday 26 July 2019
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20 September 2019

Increasing the chances of surviving cancer through early detection

The earlier cancer is detected the higher the chance that it can be successfully treated, often at lower costs and with fewer side effects for patients. Among the 18 million new cancer cases in 2018, nearly 5 million cases could have been detected and treated earlier, says the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC).

19 September 2019

Inspiring trip to Jordan leads to a new breast cancer programme in Cameroon

Inspired by the passion of UICC's President, Princess Dina Mired, Ferdinant Mbiydzenyuy and Florence Manjuh, two cancer professionals from UICC member organisation Cameroon Baptist Convention Health Services visit the King Hussein Cancer Centre in Jordan to learn about breast cancer service delivery.

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World Cancer Leaders' Summit: health ministers and experts from across the world will discuss urgent solutions for global cancer control

Reducing the number of premature deaths caused by cancer requires addressing inequities in access to cancer services to achieve the UHC vision of "Health for All". With “Cancer and Universal Health Coverage” as a topic, the 2019 edition of the World Cancer Leaders’ Summit aims to focus attention on expanding access to quality preventive, early detection, treatment and care for cancer.

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11 September 2019

UICC shortlists three eminent figures for its Outstanding Contribution to Cancer Control Award

The researcher behind the human papillomavirus vaccine, the President of Zambia and the President of Uruguay have been recognised by the international cancer community for their efforts in the fight against cancer.

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10 September 2019

95 Bristol-Myers Squibb cyclists set off on a 3,600km journey across Europe for cancer research

Cancer is among the leading causes of death worldwide with 18.1 million new cases and 9.6 million cancer-related deaths worldwide in 2018, and these numbers are growing. 

This is why for the fourth year running, Bristol-Myers Squibb, a global biopharmaceutical company, has chosen to support the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) and its members by raising funds for the fight against cancer.

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World Cancer Day relaunches for 2020 on Facebook Live

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