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Current and future opportunities in the region

The 2021 European virtual roundtable series took place in partnership with the Dutch Cancer Society and included three virtual roundtables where CEOs and senior executives of cancer organisations across Europe discussed challenges, lessons and opportunities as the European cancer community emerges and adapts through the long tail of COVID-19.

Following on from these discussions, on April 4th, 2022, the first of three virtual workshops following on from this series took place, entitled “Reimagining Cancer Research in Europe”. Participants discussed topics to prioritise in future collaborations to support European cancer research in line with Europe’s Beating cancer plan. Reports from this and subsequent workshops will be shared.

UICC staff brainstorming around the table

With over 1,200 members from 172 countries across all regions, UICC recognises that all members have a unique combination of challenges and needs depending on their many different organisational models, contexts and cultures.


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