European Virtual Roundtables

Sustaining impact in a resource-constrained environment

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In 2021, in partnership with the Dutch Cancer Society (KWF), UICC facilitated a series of roundtables for European members. Originally planned as an in-person event, and as part of a series of regional meetings held for and with UICC members around the world, three virtual discussions were held in which CEOs and senior executives of cancer organisations across Europe discussed challenges, lessons and opportunities in cancer control, as the European cancer community emerged and adapted through the long tail of COVID-19.

 Aided by experts’ insights and perspectives, the roundtable series set out to explore emerging trends and changed realities across three different areas: the operational and financial environment; the European and national cancer policy domain; and the cancer research landscape. Click the image below to access a key learnings from the series.


European virtual roundtables

European virtual roundtable #1 - Dealing with the crisis: Strategies to overcome the financial challenges | UICC

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European virtual roundtable #2 - Gearing up for action: The importance of cancer control planning | UICC

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European virtual roundtable #3 - Collaborating for impact: cancer research that changes lives | UICC

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Monday 18 September 2023

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