CEO Programme: 2021 European virtual roundtable series

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Sustaining impact in a resource-constrained environment

An exclusive regional application of UICC’s CEO Programme, in partnership with the Dutch Cancer Society


These are uncertain and fast-moving times for cancer control in Europe. While COVID-19 continues to disrupt cancer services and health systems across the region, CEOs and leaders of cancer organisations are faced with unique financial, operational and policy challenges as the after-effects of the pandemic start to seriously impact economies and income streams.

Against this challenging backdrop, Europe is also witnessing a growing momentum for cancer control. In February, the European Commission adopted Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan, an ambitious set of actions to catalyse innovations and resources and place cancer control at the heart of a more equal, interconnected and resilient ‘European Health Union’. Concurrently, WHO/Europe launched United Action Against Cancer, an initiative seeking to galvanise cooperation from grassroots to governments and fast-track the roll-out of national policies with the greater potential for impact across the region.

With this backdrop, UICC and the Dutch Cancer Society brought together over 3 virtual roundtables CEOs and senior executives of cancer organisations across Europe to discuss challenges, lessons and opportunities as the European cancer community emerges and adapts through the long tail of COVID-19.

Aided by experts’ insights and perspectives, the roundtable series set out to explore emerging trends and changed realities across three different areas: the operational and financial environment; the European and national cancer policy domain; and the cancer research landscape.

Each discussion highlighted strengths and weaknesses of the cancer community in the region and drew attention to the unique opportunities available for cancer control in the current critical juncture, while acknowledging the major threats it faces following the COVID-19 crisis. Click the image below to access a key learnings from the series.

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Wednesday 6 October 2021