CEO Programme

Supporting a community of leaders, strengthening leadership capacities across the UICC membership

Serving as the leader or CEO in organisations of all sizes and from all sectors can be a difficult and lonely job. Cancer organisations are no different. Whether a CEO of a national cancer society, Medical Director of a cancer unit, Head of a patient support group, or Secretary General of a professional association, leaders from across the UICC membership face challenges unique to their role.

Leveraging UICC’s platforms, the offer includes a dedicated CEO-stream at the World Cancer CongressCEO-relevant Virtual Dialogues and online courses, a CEO Award and travel grants for CEOs. Alongside this core offer, CEOs of member organisations have access to other relevant capacity building opportunities through UICC's regional offer or peer-learning support.

Programme partners

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McKinsey & Company



The engagement of CEOs of breast cancer-focused organisations in the programme is facilitated thanks to support from the Breast Cancer Programme


398 CEOs and senior leaders have participated in programme's activities


Seven dedicated sessions and workshops held at UICC global convening events


42 CEOs supported to attend UICC global convening events through travel grants

CEO relevant articles
Through two initiatives by the EU and WHO/Europe, cancer is being tackled with renewed emphasis and resources even in the midst of the pandemic, emphasising innovation, prevention, palliative care and the desire to reduce inequities.
25 February 2021

Europe mobilises to beat cancer

World Cancer Day saw the launch of two promising initiatives to fight cancer in Europe: WHO’s United Against Cancer campaign and the EU Cancer Beating Plan.

the global community has made measurable progress towards achieving several targets outlined in the World Cancer Declaration but many challenges remain particularly equal access to care
22 February 2021

Four more years to deliver on the World Cancer Declaration targets

A Comment by leading cancer experts in The Lancet Oncology explains how to consolidate wins and make further progress in achieving the 2025 World Cancer Declaration targets.

This World Cancer Day, UICC gives voice and says thank you to all those in the cancer community who have worked these past 12 months through the pandemic
4 February 2021

Adaptations and innovations in cancer care through COVID-19 and beyond

On World Cancer Day, UICC shines a light on the heroic responses to the pandemic by cancer organisations and individuals around the world struggling to maintain progress in cancer care.

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