CEO Programme

The CEO Programme at the 2016WCC

Supporting a community of leaders, strengthening leadership capacities across the UICC membership

Serving as the leader or CEO in organisations of all sizes and from all sectors can be a difficult and lonely job. Cancer organisations are no different. Whether a CEO of a national cancer society, Medical Director of a cancer unit, Head of a patient support group, or Secretary General of a professional association, leaders from across the UICC membership face challenges unique to their role.

Leveraging UICC’s platforms, the offer includes a dedicated CEO-stream at the World Cancer CongressCEO-relevant Virtual Dialogues and online courses, a CEO Award and travel grants for CEOs. Alongside this core offer, CEOs of member organisations have access to other relevant capacity building opportunities through UICC's regional offer or peer-learning support.

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The engagement of CEOs of breast cancer-focused organisations in the programme is facilitated thanks to support from the Breast Cancer Programme

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