Organisational leadership

Leadership at a crossroads

Through the onset of COVID-19, leadership across cancer organisations has been put decisively to the test, with traditional operating models upended, greater adoption of digital technologies and an uncertain strategic environment.

As the cancer community moves on from the immediate crisis-response mode and emerge into a changed landscape, the ability of leaders and organisations to draw lessons from what has passed and make decisions amid the uncertainty will be critical to the resilience and success of the cancer community going forward. 

Raising the leadership bar of the cancer community to meet the challenges of today

The UICC's organisational leadership workstream is designed to respond to the increasingly complex and uncertain operating environment by providing leaders in cancer organisations at all levels with spaces to take stock of the post-pandemic realities, platforms to explore the mindsets, skills and practices now called for, and opportunities to collaborate and take action together.

The workstream encompasses flagship initiatives, such as the Young Leaders programme, and builds on the CEO Programme, expanding it through a refreshed combination of virtual and in-person learning and networking opportunities aimed at leaders across multiple levels, whether seasoned CEOs or emerging managers, patient advocates or healthcare executives, scientists in the lab or health practitioners on the frontline.


By leveraging UICC platforms, as well as catalysing external leadership expertise to design targeted learning offers, the workstream aims to deliver the following objectives:

  • Improve the capabilities of UICC members to lead the cancer community past COVID-19
  • Build management and organisational know-how across the UICC membership
  • Nurture a community of emerging professionals to become future leaders in cancer control   
  • Create spaces for all UICC communities to discuss emerging leadership trends and explore collaborations
  • Celebrate good practices and recognise excellence in organisational leadership for cancer control

Activities in 2022

Explore all the upcoming leadership workstream opportunities below:

Working with and through partners

The UICC's leadership offer is only possible thanks to support and expertise from partners across UICC's communities. The workstream is supported by MSD as a founding partner with whom UICC has enjoyed a strong, several-years-long, partnership on leadership through the CEO Programme, and benefits from knowledge support by a number of organisations which have informed and contributed expertise to individual activities.

If your organisation is interested in building leadership capacities in cancer control, do get in touch.

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