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Partners news and blog articles
Woman from Latin America on the left, smiling; man wrapped in scarf symbolising the LGBTQ+ movement on the right, smiling; and "close the care gap" logo of the 2022 World Cancer Day campaign
10 May 2022

On 4 February, we took action to close the gap in cancer care

Together, UICC, its members and partners and the entire cancer community made the new World Cancer Day “Close the care gap” campaign a resounding success.

Election of the 2018-2020 board at the 2018 General Assembly which took place in conjunction with the 2018 World Cancer Congress in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
5 May 2022

Nominations for the UICC Board of Directors are open

UICC members are invited to play a role in shaping the future of the organisation by nominating candidates for the Board of Directors 2022-2024 and for President-Elect.

Peace dove in the blue and yellow colours of the Ukrainian flag
25 April 2022

UICC Solidarity Fund for Ukraine opens call for grants to qualifying organisations

Donations received for the UICC Solidarity Fund are being governed by an Advisory Board of experts and are now being made available to organisations in Ukraine and the region affected by the war.

Elderly Caucasian couple dancing in a kitchen
12 April 2022

Cancer and ageing, a global opportunity for healthcare systems

The increasing number of older adults with cancer represents both a challenge and an opportunity for improving healthcare systems worldwide.

African women smiling, posing for the photo
7 April 2022

Cervical cancer elimination as a priority for both UHC and economic development

Andrea Bare of ThinkWell highlights how governments can take action from a financing perspective to close a gap in care and strive towards WHO elimination targets.

Image from behind of women in Africa walking in a market, some carrying parcels on their heads
6 April 2022

Cervical cancer elimination in Africa: where are we now and where do we need to be?

A new UICC report provides insights into the current situation of the cervical cancer burden in Africa, as well as recommendations to improve access to care and meet the cervical cancer elimination targets set by WHO.

Dr Cary Adams, CEO of UICC
4 April 2022

Cary Adams in WEF Agenda: How to improve access to cancer medicines in LMICs

In this opinion piece published in The Agenda by the World Economic Forum, Dr Cary Adams, CEO of UICC, looks at how public-private partnerships can help ensure a more sustainable access.

Logo for UICC's let's talk cancer podcast, a globe wearing headphones
30 March 2022

Podcast "Let's talk cancer": Cancer and conflict zones

In this first podcast of a new series, Dr Cary Adams speaks to Prof. Richard Sullivan about how cancer patients are impacted by conflict and the challenges of of delivering care in zones of unrest.

African female and male health care researchers working in life science laboratory, preparing and analysing microscope slides in a research lab
29 March 2022

Taskforce takes action to reduce the burden of cervical cancer in the Commonwealth

UICC Board Member, Dr Miriam Mutebi, offers an inside look at the efforts of the International Taskforce on Cervical Cancer Elimination in the Commonwealth to reach WHO’s targets.

Mark Middleton, CEO of ICON Group, meeting with Erin McLennan, recipient of the 2022 Middleton Scholarship
28 March 2022

2022 Middleton Scholar to focus on cancer and ageing

Erin McLennan, a Clinical Nurse at Icon and 2022 recipient of the Middleton Scholarship, speaks here about her work on cancer care particularly in the ageing population. 

Male patient sitting up in his medical bed at the King Hussein Cancer Foundation in Jordan
23 March 2022

New book seeks to improve cancer data and care in the Arab World

Cancer in the Arab World aims to provide healthcare workers, researchers and policymakers with important data to improve the knowledge, prevention and treatment of cancer in the 22 Arab nations.

Female scientist in protective eyeglasses, mask and gloves dropping a red liquid substance into the test tube with a pipette in the scientific chemical laboratory
21 March 2022

Closing the care gap in early cancer detection

Multicancer detection involves a blood test to screen for several cancers at the same time and therefore holds the promise of improving survival rates around the world. 

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