Grants for the early detection of breast cancer

Application deadline extended until 22 May 2022

As part of its Breast Cancer Programme, UICC will be offering 15 grants to UICC members for projects offering an evidence-based approach to improving the availability of and access to early detection.  

Female breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer. If detected early enough, however, it can be treated successfully. Yet in many parts of the world, notably in low- and middle-income countries, breast cancers are detected at more advanced stages, when the disease has spread to another part of the body. Through early detection and the downstaging of disease, significant progress can be made in reducing global breast cancer mortality.  

Building on the SPARC Metastatic Breast Cancer Challenge – a grants initiative that has enabled the launch of 51 new projects addressing the needs of MBC patients since 2015 through the distribution of  USD 1,565,000 – UICC will award in 2022 a maximum of USD 300,000 to projects that offer an evidence-based approach to improving the availability of and access to early detection.

Type of project supported 

Supported projects should include a focus on health education, access to timely and quality diagnosis, as well as enhancing referrals across the patient pathway. They must highlight how they will address inequity by helping to increase access to early detection for underserved, at-risk or vulnerable populations. 

Four projects from Botswana, Brazil, Jordan and Kenya were awarded grants in 2021 and illustrate the type of projects that will be eligible for funding in 2022. These projects exemplify different strategies to detect and diagnose breast cancer earlier: 

  • Health promotion on breast health, on breast cancer symptoms and addressing the stigma of the disease to encourage the public to seek medical advice as early as possible, where referral pathways are in place to support women throughout the cancer continuum
  • Training of health care workers to identify symptoms and help navigate patients through the health system and services
  • Connecting hard-to-reach populations to existing services where available  
  • Initiatives focused on improving the coordination of services and referral systems to improve timely and quality diagnosis, where systems are in place to provide follow-up treatment and supportive care for those diagnosed
  • Advocacy campaigns leading to broad stakeholder engagement and additional resources for early detection 

The grants are open to UICC members and will support projects with a maximum of USD 20,000. For the complete description of eligibility criteria and scope of projects supported, please read the application guidelines.

Application and selection process

Applications open on 29 March and close on 22 May (extended). Interested applicants are invited to carefully review the application guidelines, which contain information on eligibility criteria, project scope, the selection process and criteria used to evaluate the applications. 

  • Call for applications: 29 March to 22 May 2022 
  • Review application eligibility: 22 May to early June 
  • Evaluation of applications by Review Committee: early June to mid-July  
  • Review by Selection Committee: August  
  • Selection of awardees: early September  
  • Announcement of successful applicants: October 2022

Submissions will be reviewed by an independent committee consisting of leading experts in the field of breast cancer and chaired by Dr Julie Gralow, Chief Medical Officer of the American Society of Clinical Oncology. 

“Survival rates for breast cancer are highest when it is detected early, accompanied by timely access to treatment,” said ASCO Chief Medical Officer Julie R. Gralow, MD, FACP, FASCO. “It’s critical that we support innovative programs enabling early diagnosis for all patients so they may have the best chances for a good outcome. We applaud these new grants for organizations working to improve early detection as an important step toward this goal.” 
– Dr Julie Gralow, Chief Medical Officer of the American Society of Clinical Oncology 

UICC is grateful for the support of the Breast Cancer Programme partners in enabling UICC to provide this opportunity to its members, in particular funding raised by the Pink Dial project, organised by Revolution Watch.   

Last update: 
Monday 16 May 2022