UICC partners with Lightful to grow the digital capacity of its members

UICC’s digital leadership programme is designed to improve UICC members' ability to use digital tools and better fundraise online. It will be delivered by Lightful’s digital experts through their online platforms.
19 August 2022

UICC has partnered with the technology company Lightful to launch a training programme for UICC members to improve their use of digital tools and ability to fundraise online.

The strategic adoption of technology and effective use of digital channels is key for organisations to thrive, particularly for those operating in the social sector. Whether it is used to raise funds, reach out to target audiences, promote key messages, or serve beneficiaries, digital can add value across all areas.

That is no different for civil society organisations in the cancer space. Indeed, the lack of digital and IT know-how is regularly highlighted as an organisational challenge by UICC members.

With many organisations adapting their services and operating models to remote and virtual settings in response to COVID-19, the need for cancer organisations to ensure a strategic approach to their digital growth is even more clear.

To address this gap, UICC has partnered with Lightful, a technology company powering social and environmental change through smart software, tailor-made technology, to launch a training programme designed to provide UICC members with the opportunity to grow their digital leadership and capacity.

“Since the start of the pandemic, UICC members, from cancer societies to patient groups, have radically transformed the way they operate and deliver services, trialling and adopting a variety of digital technologies. To ensure this digital transformation is leveraged for maximum impact and helps organisations truly redefine how they connect with their communities of patients and supporters in this new era, UICC is delighted to be able to offer this opportunity to our members.”
Dr Kirstie Graham, Director, Capacity Building, UICC

UICC’s digital leadership programme will be delivered by Lightful’s digital experts through their online platforms. It will be based on Lightful’s flagship learning programme BRIDGE (Building Resilience In Digital Growth and Engagement), designed for organisations looking to improve their effectiveness in using digital channels and raise more funds online. 

Lightful will offer 20 member organisations the opportunity, over a six-month period, to learn how to think strategically about their digital presence and to develop the skills to effectively use a wide range of digital tools for their own needs and contexts.

The programme will be framed around five areas for digital growth – strategy, audience, storytelling, leadership and fundraising – and will be delivered through a mix of self-paced e-learning, live online master classes, digital drop-ins and one-to-one coaching, including sector-specific content tailored for cancer control organisations.

“We are incredibly excited to partner with UICC to support their great work and help their members grow their leadership and digital capacity to future-proof their operations. In these challenging times, it’s more important than ever to come together and provide the tools, skills and support to help organisations amplify their voices, build trust with their supporters, and diversify their funding sources.” 
– Alex Farrington, Director of External Relations, Lightful

The cohort of 20 member organisations benefitting from the programme will be chosen via an open application and selection process, based on their digital growth needs and readiness to scale up their digital capabilities. Each place will be fully funded by UICC, and selected organisations will be able to enrol up to 10 staff on to the programme.

Applications open in September and the programme will formally launch in November 2022. Full details on the application process, selection criteria and time commitment involved will be announced shortly.

This opportunity is made available as part of UICC’s Leadership workstream, which is supported by MSD, UICC’s global leadership partner.

Last update: 
Friday 26 August 2022