On-line voting at UICC's first virtual General Assembly

On-line voting at UICC’s first virtual General Assembly on 6th October 2020

Full member organisations will have the right to vote for the 14 new members of the UICC Board of Directors from among the 22 nominated candidates and the President-Elect from among 2 candidates.

Full member organisations will receive a one-off voting access code to use the voting platform when they register to join the General Assembly. The access code can be used by a representative from the full member organisation once only.

The General Assembly voting platform will be open from early morning UTC/GMT on 6th October and will remain accessible during the online presentations which will start at noon UTC/GMT.

More details on the voting modalities will be provided in due time.



Granting your voting rights to another UICC full member organisation

IMPORTANT: If your organisation is unable to join the on-line General Assembly to vote on 6th October, you have the option to grant your voting rights to another full member organisation. To do so, please provide the following details before 6th September by e-mail to generalassembly@uicc.org or by phone +41 22 929 00 11:

  • Your name and last name
  • Your organisation’s name
  • Your phone number and e-mail
  • The name and last name of the person representing you
  • The name of the full member organisation (it must be a UICC full member) representing your organisation
  • The phone number and e-mail of the person representing you

Once all the above details have been received both representatives will receive a “DocuSign” document through e-mail to be electronically signed and that will be kept in our records. The voting code will then be sent to the representing organisation.

N.B.: A full member organisation can act on behalf of no more than three (3) full member organisations.

Should you have any questions regarding the meeting of the General Assembly and/or the voting procedures, please contact generalassembly@uicc.org


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Thursday 27 August 2020