On-line voting at UICC's first virtual General Assembly

On-line voting at UICC’s first virtual General Assembly on 6th October 2020

Full member organisations will approve the financial accounts and have the right to vote for the 14 new members of the UICC Board of Directors from among the 22 nominated candidates and the President-Elect from among 2 candidates.

Prior the event, full member organisations will receive a one-off voting access code to use the voting platform. The access code can be used by a representative from the full member organisation once only.

The General Assembly voting platform will be open from 00:001 CET on 6th October and will remain accessible during the online presentations which will start at 14h00 CET.


Should you have any questions regarding the meeting of the General Assembly and/or the voting procedures, please contact generalassembly@uicc.org


Last update: 
Friday 25 September 2020