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The headquarter of UICC is based in Geneva, Switzerland.

UICC Staff at the 2019 World Cancer Leaders' Summit in Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan

UICC Staff members at the World Cancer Leaders'
Summit 2019 in Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan - October 2019

Chief Executive Officer
Cary Adams - Biography

Chief Operating Officer
Maria Barbara Leon

Knowledge, Advocacy and Policy
Sonali Johnson
Shalini Jayasekar-Zürn
Yannick Romero
Rosie Tasker
Zuzanna Tittenbrun

Capacity Building
Kirstie Graham
Fanny Bauer
Alessandro Di Capua
Sally Donaldson
Annah Espejo
Rosanne Lamplough
Marta Pazos
Mélanie Samson
Sabrina Zucchello

Communications and Marketing
Nicole Engelbrecht
Nina Caleffi Scaletscky
Eric Grant
Janine Huguenin
Alexandra La Guardia
Vicky Oettel
Charles Andrew Revkin

Congress and Events
Céline Francina
Yani Amar 
Ronan Carella
Hugo Nicolaus
Gwendoline de la Kethulle
Marie-Therese A. Bou Younes

Memberships and Partnerships
Muriel Auclaire
Lorenzo Boffi
Patricia Bertomeu Gomez
Natacha Debbané
Laura Fernandez Diaz 
Karine Hentsch
Shirine Straumann

Finance and Administration 
Maria Barbara Leon
Aynur Asadli
Minh Nguyen
Natasha Mehandroo
Philomène Taylor
Viran Silva


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UICC Staff pose for a group photo in front of the UICC office in November 2021 | Click to view larger


UICC's Congress and Events team working on the first virtual-only World Cancer Leaders' Summit in November 2021| Click image to view larger








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