The Union for International Cancer Control (uicc.org) in Geneva, Switzerland offers a dynamic and professionally rewarding workplace with passionate staff eager to make an impact in the fight against cancer.

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Director, Members and Partners Development

UICC is a membership organisation which believes in having a deep relationship with those who sign up to be members.  We also believe in a partnership approach to address the key challenges faced in cancer control. Hence, the Members and Partners Development team is critical to the success of the organisation.  UICC is seeking to strengthen its Executive team and is looking for a Director, Members and Partners Development who will lead the membership and partnership strategy and will take responsibility for the growth and engagement of the membership and partnerships it currently has, bringing more in over time.

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C/Can 2025: City Cancer Challenge Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning Manager 

Implementing a robust monitoring and evaluation framework that promotes accountability and transparency, effective programme management, and fosters continued learning at both the city and global levels is critical to the success of C/Can 2025, and will further support efforts to build the evidence base for innovation and transformational processes and policies for cancer care in cities. UICC is looking therefore looking for a Manager who can support the C/Can 2025 team in the development and implementation of a comprehensive monitoring, evaluation and learning strategy. 

Grants Manager 

As part of the UICC Capacity Building team, UICC is seeking a dedicated and enthusiastic Grants Manager to oversee our unique SPARC capacity building grant and expand our overall grant portfolio.

The Grants Manager is responsible for implementation, planning, communication and partnership development.