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Broken cigarette resting on ashtray to symbolise smoking as a risk factor for many diseases including cancer and the benefits of quitting
29 April 2021

Efficient tobacco control reduces cancer mortality

Effective cancer control includes addressing the risk factors such as tobacco use. UICC fully supports and works with its members to implement the requirements and guidelines of the WHO international treaty on tobacco control.

Cancer and coronavirus resources
20 April 2021

Cancer and COVID-19 resources

As health systems in many countries become overwhelmed by COVID-19, UICC is keenly aware of the immense challenges this situation creates for cancer patients and caregivers. Find our list of resources on cancer and COVID-19 here (regular updates).

Bird's eye view of Geneva with the Jet d'eau landmark
22 July 2021

Save the date for UICC’S 2022 World Cancer Congress: 17-20 October 2022

UICC’s next World Cancer Congress (WCC) is scheduled to take place in Geneva, Switzerland, on 17th-20th October 2022 as a hybrid event focused on accelerating progress in cancer control.

Young smiling patient being treated by a doctor
22 July 2021

A virtual advocacy platform to foster collaboration and improve patient outcomes

The Advocacy Exchange is a virtual platform created by GRYT Health and Bristol Myers Squibb (BMS), to unite advocacy organisations, patients and industry leaders in improving outcomes for people living with cancer.

16 July 2021

On the road to the next World Cancer Leaders' Summit

Under the theme "Driving innovation to advance cancer control equitably", participants of the World Cancer Leaders’ Summit 2021 will discuss how to improve prevention, early detection and treatment of cancer through innovative approaches.

Grace Romasko with a 4-year old Honduran girl in the expeditionary medical unit in Puerto Cortes, Honduras, during the US operation "Continuing Promise" in 2018. Photo by Mike DiMestico.
14 July 2021

Undermining efforts to strengthen cancer care in Honduras

The final article in UICC’s series on cancer care in zones of unrest sheds light on the fragile situation in Honduras where people are struggling to meet even basic needs amidst looming elections.

Mother with child supporting the theme of World Hepatitis Day on 28th July, Hep can't wait
26 July 2021

Hepatitis Can’t Wait

To celebrate World Hepatitis Day on July 28th, Dr Su Wang, President of the World Hepatitis Alliance, offers insight into the challenges facing people with hepatitis and the elimination of this preventable disease.

Women getting a mammogram
16 July 2021

The importance of multi-stakeholder collaboration in transforming breast cancer control in Europe

Irish MEP Frances Fitzgerald, Chair of the multi-stakeholder coalition Transforming Breast Cancer Together, shares her perspectives on the value of collaboration for strengthened patient advocacy and policymaking in the EU.

News feed
23 July 2021

The postponed screenings have created backlogs that systems will need to address as health facilities reopen for preventive care.

Source: ASCO Post
6 July 2021

The two organisations have joined to  create the Advocacy Exchange, a virtual platform designed to bring together patients, advocates and industry leaders.


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