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Young woman hugging an older woman, symbolising the different needs for different generations with respect to cancer
27 January 2022

Everyone’s health matters, no matter their age

Populations are ageing worldwide and the incidence of cancer in older adults is increasing significantly. Cary Adams of UICC and Bill Sibold of Sanofi examine the need to prepare adequately for the reality of more older people living with cancer to avoid further overwhelming health systems.   

September marks Childhood Cancer Awareness Month
1 September 2020

Increasing survival rates for children with cancer

September marks Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, a moment to reflect on the particular challenges facing children who have cancer and their parents and recall the Global Initiative for Childhood Cancer launched by WHO in 2018.

Man looking into a microscope, pathology unit at the Aga Khan University Hospital in Kenya
22 September 2022

World Cancer Research Day: improve equity in cancer research

World Cancer Research Day, celebrated on 24 September since 2016, promotes the role of research in reducing the number of people who develop cancer and improving survival rates and quality of life.

Older adult with cancer exercising on a stationary bike guided by a health worker at INCan, Mexico. Photo by Adán Jardón, (c) UICC.
7 September 2022

Towards fairer access to cancer care for older adults

Through its partnership with Sanofi on Cancer and Ageing, UICC supported five member organisations in its Cancer Advocates programme working to improve access to cancer services and care for older adults.

Group photo of the participants of UICC's regional dialogue workshop on addressing the burden of women cancers in Francophone Africa.
5 September 2022

Challenges and progress in addressing women’s cancers in Francophone Africa

Over 60 participants from 12 French-speaking African countries as well as regional and financial partners, took part recently in a UICC Regional Dialogue on women’s cancers in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire. 

A young girl smiling holding a younger boy in diapers
1 September 2022

Preventing children from dying unnecessarily from cancer

In this episode of Let's Talk Cancer marking Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, Cary Adams speaks with Richard Shadyac about the underlying challenges with childhood cancer and the actions being taken to overcome them.

African female and male health care researchers working in life science laboratory, preparing and analysing microscope slides in a research lab
21 September 2022

Investing in cervical cancer elimination to transform women's health globally

In this post, Michelle Garsha details efforts by Hologic, a UICC partner to improving women’s health and well-being through health partnerships and the early detection and treatment of cervical cancer.

Woman nurse providing care to an older adult
14 September 2022

Nursing older patients with cancer

Older adults often present multiple chronic diseases, which can make treating cancer more complicated, and other challenges in accessing care, including losing agency over their health choices. Erin McLennan explains the importance of listening to their experiences and needs, and how education and advocacy are two areas where nurses can help improve cancer care for older adults.


World Cancer Congress 2022

18 October 2022 - 20 October 2022

Alcohol and Cancer series: How can we ensure effective policies?

28 September, 2022 - 15:00 (GMT+2)
Virtual - Geneva, CH

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