UICC's response to COVID-19

The Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) is keenly aware of the monumental challenges the coronavirus pandemic creates for cancer organisations, people living with cancer and their caregivers. 

Since March, UICC has adopted a remote working model and cancelled or suspended all face-to-face meetings and events globally until the end of 2020.

To address the impact of the coronavirus pandemic around the world, UICC has strengthened support for its members and continues to work with partners such as the World Health Organization (WHO) and other international bodies. 

UICC's Virtual Dialogues were launched on Wednesday 20th May, intended to connect members, facilitate knowledge sharing and provide expert insights.

Furthermore, UICC has joined the COVID-19 and Cancer Task Force to help assess the impact of COVID-19 on cancer outcomes and reinforce collaborations between infectious disease and cancer modellers.

Here you can find collated advice and resources on how to stay healthy and cope with the double challenge of facing cancer and the coronavirus:

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UICC joins COVID-19 and Cancer Task Force

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The pandemic is accelerating progress in the use of remote diagnostics, big data and artificial intelligence that is helping to bring quality care closer to patients
20 November 2020

Cancer beyond COVID-19: Bringing quality cancer care closer to patients

The second UICC Virtual Dialogue in the Cancer beyond COVID-19 series looked at the lessons learned during the pandemic that can help transform outdated systems into more efficient, patient-centred models of care.

UICC member and Manager of Education and Prevention at Sociedad Anticancerosa de Venezuela (Venezuelan Anti-Cancer Society)
9 November 2020

Confronting Cancer and COVID-19 in Venezuela

César Miranda, UICC member and Manager of Education and Prevention at Sociedad Anticancerosa de Venezuela, speaks about the current challenges facing a global pandemic in the context of political instability and a weak health system.

The cancer community is adapting and innovating in response to disruptions in cancer care due to COVID-19 (picture taken at the University Hospital Hassan II, Morocco)
6 November 2020

Cancer beyond COVID-19: Reimagining cancer screening and diagnosis

The first UICC Virtual Dialogue in the series dedicated to the changing landscape in cancer care due to COVID-19 addressed service disruptions in screening and diagnosis caused by the pandemic and suggested innovative solutions and practices crucial to saving lives.

Man with mental health issues
10 October 2020

Mental health, cancer and COVID-19

On World Mental Health Day, UICC Board member, Cristiana Fonseca shares her reflections on the psychological impacts of cancer and COVID-19 on cancer patients, their families and carers. 

HRH Princess Dina Mired of Jordan, President of UICC (2018-2020)
30 September 2020

Looking back at two enriching years as UICC President

HRH Princess Dina Mired of Jordan reflects on her experiences as UICC President in campaigning actively for greater cancer control, on the challenges faced by the cancer community and the progress that has been made.

Doctor administrating vaccination to girl
22 July 2020

UICC welcomes the WHO & UNICEF response to a decline in vaccinations

Recent data from WHO and UNICEF highlights a worrying decline in child vaccinations during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Older adults face bias and inequity in healthcare and cumulative risks for COVID-19
9 July 2020

Cancer care for older adults during COVID-19

Experts at a Virtual Dialogue hosted by UICC weighed in on the inequities and bias faced by older cancer patients in accessing healthcare and their cumulative risks for COVID-19.

Light Backgrounds, Jewellery, Ornament
1 July 2020

Getting through COVID-19: innovating and collaborating like never before

Michael Oberreiter, Global Head of Access at Roche, reflects on the innovative solutions that have come out of the coronavirus pandemic and how they could make a positive impact on the lives of cancer patients going forward.

People in business attire talking
25 June 2020

NCDs and COVID-19: Using law to act on NCDs during the pandemic

Governments and health officials are mobilising like never before to control the spread of the coronavirus and care for people who have been infected.

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Tuesday 10 November 2020