UICC's response to COVID-19

The Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) is keenly aware of the monumental challenges the coronavirus pandemic creates for cancer organisations, people living with cancer and their caregivers. 

Since March, UICC has adopted a remote working model and cancelled or suspended all face-to-face meetings and events globally until the end of 2020.

To address the impact of the coronavirus pandemic around the world, UICC has strengthened support for its members and continues to work with partners such as the World Health Organization (WHO) and other international bodies. 

UICC's Virtual Dialogues were launched on Wednesday 20th May, intended to connect members, facilitate knowledge sharing and provide expert insights.

Furthermore, UICC has joined the COVID-19 and Cancer Task Force to help assess the impact of COVID-19 on cancer outcomes and reinforce collaborations between infectious disease and cancer modellers.

Here you can find collated advice and resources on how to stay healthy and cope with the double challenge of facing cancer and the coronavirus:

Explore our virtual offer: UICC's Virtual Dialogues
UICC joins COVID-19 and Cancer Task Force

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Monday 8 June 2020