The Campaign

A campaign directly aligned with global advocacy

In 2008, UICC developed the World Cancer Declaration as a tool to help bring the growing cancer crisis to the attention of government leaders and health policymakers.

Action for impact

"I believe World Cancer Day is an inclusive platform for voices from all corners of the world including the remotest areas. Cancer Foundation of India as a team felt empowered raising the collective concern to address cancer prevention. Hopefully next year we will come back bigger and better." 

Sutapa Biswas, Executive Director

“World Cancer Day has given us the wonderful opportunity, to join forces with other related NGO’s locally and bring forward important messages about prevention, early detection as well as our valuable work in palliative care. We hope to continue this annual institution in order to raise more and more awareness of these very important issues around cancer”.

Irene Loucaides, Head of Communication & PR
Last update: 
Thursday 28 February 2019