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World Cancer Day is the one singular initiative under which the entire world can unite together in the fight against the global cancer epidemic. It takes place every year on 4 February.

World Cancer Day aims to save millions of preventable deaths each year by raising awareness and education about cancer, and pressing governments and individuals across the world to take action against the disease.

UICC continues to expand on the success and impact of the day and is committed to ensuring that year-on-year the event is seen and heard by more people around the world. We do this through working directly with our members to develop a campaign that serves their differing organisational priorities; this is achieved through a two-pronged strategic approach:

  • UICC provides support through the development of tools and guidance to encourage its member organisations to run local cancer awareness campaigns that are aligned and adapted to the global World Cancer Day message.
  • On an above-country level, we work to secure and support digital, traditional and social media opportunities to raise public awareness of the day. Through the continued support of our membership and key partners, World Cancer Day is beginning to firmly cement itself in calendars across the world.

To learn more about World Cancer Day, please visit the World Cancer Day website.

World Cancer Day 2020 – 4 Feb



World Cancer Day takes place every year on 4 Feb.






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Words of support

"Our support for World Cancer Day will help elevate the need for access to early detection and diagnosis, as an enabler to precise treatment.  On behalf of Diaceutics, I am honored to be a part of this effort and I will relentlessly drive better testing."

Peter Keeling

“Supporting World Cancer Day each year, gives the Samoa Cancer Society the opportunity to not only engage with local community members and their WCD activities, but most importantly, it gives us the platform to highlight and share cancer issues within our country, with government and other health sector providers." 

Shelley Burich, Executive Officer
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Tuesday 9 April 2019
Latest World Cancer Day news
Participants at the 2018 World Cancer Congress sharing their "I Am and I Will" message
4 April 2019

World Cancer Day 2019 Ignites Action

Newly released report offers look at the achievements of one of the biggest health awareness days. 

World Cancer Day - Daiichi-Sankyo
8 February 2019

Daiichi-Sankyo shows their commitment on World Cancer Day

Global pharmaceutical company Daiichi-Sankyo's multi-year partnership spans the new 2019-2021 'I Am and I Will' campaign to help drive impact and action. 

6 February 2019

Shining a light on World Cancer Day

City icons, emblematic landmarks and famous monuments light up for World Cancer Day across the world. 

5 February 2019

Around the world on World Cancer Day

With thousands of activities and events taking place in every corner of the world this 4 February, here is a very brief play-by-play of how the world joined in this World Cancer Day across the time zones. 

Screenshot 2019-02-04 at 16.44.07.png
4 February 2019

A World Cancer Day conversation on partnerships for Capacity Building

World Cancer Day Champion partner, Roche, opens up a conversation about the importance of rapid, broad and sustainable access 

Screenshot 2019-02-03 at 13.49.13.png
4 February 2019

MSD uses the power of social media to spread the word 

Visionary partner, MSD is sharing 'I Am and I Will' messages for World Cancer Day