Breast Cancer series

Virtual Dialogues series - Breast cancer

A series of Virtual Dialogues bringing the breast cancer community together to tackle the growing breast cancer burden

Despite advances and progress seen in breast cancer in recent years, current data highlights that breast cancer incidence and mortality remain the highest for cancer in women, with over 2.2 million new cases and 684,996 deaths in 2020. This trend is only going to accelerate in the next 20 years, with a disproportionate number of cases and deaths expected to occur in low-resource settings.

To tackle the growing breast cancer burden, it is critical that improvements are made in

  • early detection;
  • timely access to treatment and care;
  • availability of palliative and survivorship care;
  • comprehensive data collection through robust cancer registries.

The breast cancer series aims to highlight these key issues and foster focused discussions amongst UICC members and renowned experts on key actions needed to reduce the global breast cancer burden.

This series is part of the UICC's Breast Cancer Programme.

The Programme is supported by Pfizer (Founding Partner), Daiichi Sankyo, Revolution Watch, the US National Cancer Institute Center for Global Health, Roche, in collaboration with the Breast Health Global Initiative, and WHO's Global Breast Cancer Initiative.


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Tuesday 27 September 2022