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What are UICC Master courses?

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Since 2014, Master courses have complemented the programmes of every World Cancer Congress, supporting the continuing education of more than 700 cancer control professionals over the years.

Purpose-built by internationally recognised leaders in their field, Master courses combine an online learning component with a face-to-face workshop at the Congress, in a unique blend of modular learning and peer-exchange. Subjects range from across three thematic areas: organisation and programme management, cancer control interventions, and health systems and policies.

In 2020, Master courses were delivered solely online due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This enabled us to reach a wider audience of individuals working in cancer control around the world and ensured our members had the opportunity to learn, engage with experts and interact with their peers despite the challenges of 2020.

Will Master courses be delivered in 2021?

Master course offer 2021

In 2021, we plan to deliver the following learning opportunities:

  • Self-guided online courses
  • Master courses

All employees of UICC member organisations will be eligible to apply for these courses.

Self-guided online courses

The 2020 Master courses will be converted into self-guided online courses and made available on the UICC eLearning platform. These self-paced courses will consist of didactic webinars and assessments.
Further information will be available in early 2021.

Master courses

Two rounds of Master courses will be launched in 2021. These interactive courses will be delivered in collaboration with leading cancer organisations and will focus on prioritiy areas in cancer control.
Further information will be available in Spring 2021.

What was the impact of the 2020 Master courses?

  • More than 700 applications received
  • 294 participants from 65 countries were selected
  • 3 courses delivered
  • 142 certficiates awarded

What do people like most about Master courses?

We analysed feedback from our 2020 Master course participants to assess what aspects of the Master courses they valued the most.


Learning about priority areas in cancer control through high quality content


Engaging presentations delivered by subject matter experts


Self-paced format which allows participants to access the course at any time

World Health Day

"As a patient navigation and compassion coordinator, I have learned a lot from this course especially in relation to how best the navigator and other health care professionals can support patients and their families to access health care services and get better outcomes."


Participant of the 2020 Master course titled "Multisectoral Approaches for Patient Engagement for Better Cancer Control"
National Cancer Institute - Essential Medicines

"Understanding the breadth and depth of issues surrounding access to essential cancer medicines was an eye-opener for me. Prior to this course, I had limited knowledge on the topic, now I understand that access to essential cancer drugs involves many aspects, from development, supply chain and pricing, to pharmaceutical industry and government-related issues."

Participant from the 2020 Master course titled "Access to Essential Cancer Medicines
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Wednesday 9 December 2020