Leadership development grants

Leadership development grants aim to promote closer regional collaboration and impactful knowledge sharing by supporting visits between our member organisations.

Leadership development grants are awarded to senior level managers of our member organisations who have participated in regional Leadership in Action meetings. This grant enables them to visit another organisation in their region to learn about topics related to their area of work through peer-to-peer learning, observation and networking.

These short visits help leaders to develop specific skills in areas such as:

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Acquiring practical leadership insights

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Coordinating effective cancer control campaigns


Implementing communication strategies

In 2019, eighteen members were awarded Leadership development grants following Leadership in Action meetings that took place in Latin America, Asia Pacific, the Middle East and North Africa, and Francophone Africa.

You can see the full list of Leadership development grant recipients and read their testimonials below.


"The visit met my expectations in giving me the skills necessary to draw analysis and comparisons for advocacy, programming and fundraising techniques used locally in Kurdistan and in Jordan by the King Hussein Cancer Foundation (KHCF). I was equipped with the information I needed to be able to assess the situation better in our country and to organize actions for developing our Treatment for All programme with UICC. Areas of collaboration were also discussed with KHCF in terms of patient referrals for cancer care and training packages for staff."

Sara Rashid, Kurdistan Save the Children, Iraq
hosted by King Hussein Cancer Foundation, Jordan

Rania Azmi LDG

"I learnt a lot about current government initiatives through the Medical Research Institute for cancer treatment and addressing the needs of patients. I was also able to use my knowledge to identify gaps in patients advocacy and raise awareness about it both internally in the institute and externally to the community through a co-organized event. The visit was so successful that it served as a catalyst for future collaboration not only with the host organization but also with other cancer related organizations that were present at the public event."

Rania Azmi, Fadia Survive & Thrive, Quwait
hosted by the Medical Research Institute, Egypt

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"Cette visite m’a permis de comprendre que le succès de la lutte contre le cancer à l’échelle d’un pays ou d’une région ne peut se concevoir sans une coalition et une synergie des différents acteurs : organisations de la société civile, pouvoirs publics, citoyens"

Freddy Gnangnon, SOS Cancer Benin
hosted by Ligue Senegaliase Contre le Cancer, Senegal


"Being able to learn from an experienced leader like Iris, who has grown the Hong Kong Anti-Cancer Society from 10 staff to 105 staff can only help equip myself as a leader"


Chris Cheng, Society for Cancer Advocacy and Awareness, Malaysia
hosted by the Hong-Kong Anti-Cancer Society

Leadership Development Grant Recipients

Leadership Development Grants 2019

Middle East & North Africa

Awardee Organisation Host Organisation
Fadia Survive & Thrive Association, Kuwait   Medical Research Unit, Egypt  
Ocean Road Cancer Institute, Tanzania Fadia Survive & Thrive Association, Egypt
Kurdistan Save the Children, Iraq King Hussein Cancer Foundation, Jordan
Qatar Cancer Society                                                                         King Hussein Cancer Foundation, Jordan                        

Asia Pacific

Awardee Organisation Host Organisation
Society for Cancer Advocacy and Awareness Kuching, Malaysia Hong Kong Anti-Cancer Society
National Cancer Council of Mongolia VCS Foundation Limited, Australia
Indonesian Cancer Information and Support Center Association Cancer Warriors, Philippines
Kythe Foundation Inc., Philippines The Wishing Well Foundation, Thailand
Brain Tumour Society, Singapore Cancer Council Australia                                                  

Francophone Africa

Awardee Organisation Host Organisation
Ministère de la Santé et des Affaires Sociales, Mali            Ligue Senegalaise Contre le Cancer, Senegal
SOS Cancer Bénin, Bénin Ligue Senegalaise Contre le Cancer, Senegal
Simasoh Nani International, Mali Ligue Senegalaise Contre le Cancer, Senegal
Association Guinéenne pour la lutte contre le cancer, Guinée Ligue Senegalaise Contre le Cancer, Senegal
Ligue Senegalaise Contre le Cancer, Senegal Fondation Sylvia Bongo Ondimba pour la famille, Gabon
Ministère de la Santé et de l'Hygiène Publique, Togo Ministère De La Santé du Burkina-Faso

Latin America

Awardee Organisation Host Organisation
Sociedad Anticancerosa de Venezuela (SAV) Liga Argentina de Lucha Contra El Cáncer (LALCEC)
INCA - Instituto Nacional de Câncer, Brasil INEN - Instituto Nacional de Enfermedades Neoplásicas, Peru
Liga Argentina de Lucha Contra El Cáncer (LALCEC) American Cancer Society (ACS)




Resource Collection
Leadership in Action Oman - Princess Dina Mired - Leadership development
18 July 2019

UICC awards 10 members with Leadership Development Grants

The Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) has selected ten representatives of member organisations to receive grants for leadership development. With the full support of UICC, each awardee will have the valuable opportunity to conduct a ten-day visit to a fellow cancer organisation as a way to further promote closer regional collaboration and impactful knowledge sharing.

Last update: 
Monday 23 March 2020