African Cancer Fellowships

Enabling health care workers to improve cancer outcomes in Africa

UICC, supported by the American Cancer Society, has launched a new programme of fellowships for cancer professionals in Africa, linked to the 2018 World Cancer Congress. The goal of this initiative is to enable health care workers to improve cancer outcomes in Africa.


The programme aims to enhance educational opportunities for health care workers in Africa, thereby expanding workforce capability and improving care for cancer patients. Hands-on fellowship opportunities are combined with peer-to-peer exchange and information sharing that will allow individuals to learn important skills relevant to cancer care and to disseminate them throughout their region. 

To achieve these goals UICC is offering 20 fellowships to visit an organisation in another country with a strong emphasis on learning skills that will be shared with peers in their home organisation or network.

Additional benefits include:

  • A dedicated workshop at the 2018 World Cancer Congress for fellows to share their fellowship and knowledge sharing experiences with other awardees.
  • An online common interest network where awardees can exchange acquired knowledge and share lessons learnt.

Eligible Candidates

The programme is open to individuals working in any area across the cancer continuum who wish to develop their knowledge and innovate in a particular topic

  • Medical professionals must hold relevant qualification e.g. MD, MBBS, Registered Nurse, Diploma of midwifery.
  • Non-medical applicants, such as those working in cancer societies or non-governmental organisations (NGOs), should hold a Bachelor’s degree
  • Candidates should have documented experience of working on cancer or with cancer patients
  • Medical and PhD students are not eligible to apply

Depending on the projects, pairs of applicants from the same institution are also welcome to apply to visit the same host institution where this will contribute to successful implementation on return home.


Applicants must identify potential host institutions themselves and contact them to obtain an invitation letter and host supervisor attestation.

Please do not leave it till the last minute before starting the online application process, the step by step Application Guide below will help you through the process.


Key Dates


Call for proposals deadline

30 November 2017

Project and visit proposals should demonstrate strong plans for knowledge dissemination and show evidence that stakeholder engagement has already taken place

Notification of awards

February 2018

20 awardees to be selected

World Cancer Congress abstract submission

End March 2018

Successful applicants are expected to submit an abstract to the Congress

Expected fellowship visit period

One month duration between March to June 2018

Average value: 3,000 USD including a living stipend plus a travel contribution towards the least expensive international travel costs. Ideally visits to the host institution should take place before the end of June but must take place before the World Cancer Congress

Expected initial dissemination period

From April 2018

10 fellows will be awarded travel grants based on their fellowship visit report and congress abstract

World Cancer Congress

1 - 4 October 2018

Dedicated knowledge sharing workshop at the congress in Kuala Lumpur

Common Interest Network

From October 2018

Virtual peer to peer support network will provide resources, advice and inspiration to awardees

Types of project:

Projects should focus on achieving one of the following:

  • Improving current services
  • Scaling up access to services locally, nationally or regionally
  • Testing implementation of new services or solutions

Examples of projects (not an exhaustive list):

  • Community health awareness interventions
  • Skills training for community health workers or cancer society volunteers
  • Introducing cancer content into general nursing curricula
  • Improving pharmaceutical supply chains
  • Enabling nurses to lead cervical cancer screening programmes
  • Implementing palliative care services or social support
  • Enhancing national cancer registry services
  • Development of cancer information services

Host Locations

We encourage applicants to choose host institutions that best reflect the context in which they will be using the skills at home and can best support the skills they wish to learn.

Fellowship host locations in Africa are preferred however fellowships outside of the region will be considered with appropriate justification.

World Cancer Congress

Awarded fellows will be encouraged to submit an abstract to the 2018 World Cancer Congress in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and 10 travel grants will be offered. The selection criteria will be based on the end of project reports and congress abstracts. Selected fellows will be given the opportunity to participate in a dedicated knowledge sharing workshop at the congress.

Last update: 
Thursday 9 November 2017