What are UICC Fellowships? 

  • Short-term international training and learning opportunities for professionals working in all aspects of cancer control (click here and here for examples of recently awarded Fellows and their chosen topics).
  • Individual in-person visits or virtual sessions with leading experts to gain technical knowledge and tailored advice.

UICC Fellowships 

Established in 1962, the Fellowships is one of UICC's oldest and most established portfolio of programmes. Whilst it has developed and adapted over time, its objective remains the same, to strengthen the workforce capacity in cancer control by facilitating the exchange of knowledge, expertise and technical skills in cancer prevention, early detection and diagnosis, treatment and palliative care. UICC Fellowships also enable networking and collaboration across institutions and countries.


Types of UICC fellowship


Technical Fellowships

Enabling the exchange of knowledge, skills and techniques for cancer control through one-month international visits. Fellowships can be clinical observerships, on translational, operational or clinical research or in public health fields.


Bourses pour l'Afrique Francophone

Destinées aux personnels de santé travaillant dans le domaine du cancer basés en Afrique francophone, une visite d’un mois pour acquérir de nouvelles compétences et renforcer des collaborations.


Virtual Fellowships

Supporting individuals from UICC member organisations to obtain expert learning and guidance in cancer control via a series of facilitated one-to-one video calls.


YY Study Grants

Training of postdoctoral and clinical cancer researchers through three-month international collaborative projects. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 global pandemic, the opening of the next YY Study Grant call has been delayed until Autumn 2022.


How to find out more information?

Click below to register for the UICC Fellowships' weekly Q&A zoom for an hour every Wednesday at 14:00 CET where you are able to discuss in person with a member of the Fellowship team and ask questions about the application process in English or French.

For enquiries about the Zoom Q&A, please write to fellows@uicc.org

Exceptionally, today's meeting is postponed till tomorrow Thursday 18th November

Programme overview:

Fellowship programmes Call dates Duration of visit Award amount Eligible Candidates Language of Application
Technical Fellowships 

1 February - 31 December 2021

One month

3,400 USD

Master's Degree or medical equivalent


Bourses pour l’Afrique Francophone 1 février - 31 decembre 2021 Un mois 3,400 USD Titulaires d’un Master ou équivalent Français
YY study grants Autumn - December 2022  Three months 10,000 USD >2 years post PhD English
Virtual Fellowships 

1 February - 31 December 2021

Four one-hour video calls


Cancer control professionals working in a UICC member organisation

English, French or Spanish

Download and distribute the UICC Fellowships Flyer within your network.


Applicants from all regions are welcome




UICC Fellowship Flyer 2020

The UICC Fellowships programme support individuals from all over the world, and from all areas of cancer control. Over 4,000 fellowships have been awarded to date. 99% of Fellows would recommend going on a UICC fellowship, with 84% reporting that the skills and knowledge gained during their fellowship had a positive impact on cancer patients.


The UICC Fellowships annual activity report 2020 summarizes the results of the Technical Fellowships, the Bourses pour l'Afrique Francophone, the YY Study grants and the Virtual fellowships programmes.


Fellowships activity report

Programme chairs and reviewer committee members

Each of the Fellowships programmes is supported by a pool of external reviewers, international experts across all fields of cancer control. Each application is reviewed by a minimum of two reviewers, and a final decision is made by the respective Programme Chair.

UICC would like to acknowledge and thank the Programme Chairs and reviewers for their time and dedication.

Fellowship partners

Fellowship Partner Logos 2021
Last update: 
Wednesday 17 November 2021
More news and blogs on fellowships
This year’s YY study grantees come from India, Brazil, and the US and be visiting renowned research institutions in the US, Japan and France.
17 March 2021

Four cancer professionals receive YY Study Grants to further research

Recipients of last year’s call for Yamagiwa-Yoshida Memorial International (YY) Study Grants come from Brazil, India and the US. The four awardees will be visiting research centres in the US, Japan and France for three months later this year.

UICC Technical Fellows Benda Kithaka of Women4Cancer, Kenya and Eveline Tata Mayaah of Humanity at Heart International Association, Cameroon (right)
22 September 2020

UICC Fellowships reopen for applications

The UICC Technical Fellowships and Bourses pour l’Afrique Francophone will re-open for applications from 2nd October, following their temporary closure since April due to COVID-19. The annual call for the YY study grants will also open.

UICC launches its Virtual Fellowships
15 June 2020

Virtual Fellowships for UICC Members

UICC is launching a virtual alternative to the in-person learning experience provided by UICC’s Fellowships programmes, allowing the continued transfer and exchange of key skills and knowledge in cancer control at a time when UICC members need it the most.

Eveline Tata Mayaah 2.png
13 May 2020

Operation 1000 women: lessons learned from Kenya

UICC Fellow, Eveline Tata Mayaah, founder of Humanity at Heart International shares the skills and knowledge she gained from visiting a UICC member organisation in Kenya, and how she has applied these new skills to her work in Cameroon.

African Cancer Fellowships
17 April 2020

UICC temporarily closes call for 2020 Technical Fellowships

As part of its response to the coronavirus pandemic, UICC is temporarily closing the calls for the 2020 Technical Fellowships and for the sub-programme focused on Francophone Africa, Bourses pour l’Afrique francophone.

Ahmed Hefnawy, Young Leader, King Hussein Cancer Center, Middle East, Womens Health
2 April 2020

Comprehensive cancer care in the Middle East

UICC’s Young Leader, Dr Ahmed Hefnawy shares details about his visit to the King Hussein Cancer Centre as part of his journey to improve Gynecologic Cancer services in Egypt.