What is the UICC Fellowship Programme?

The Fellowship Programme plays a major role in UICC's mission. Alongside other capacity building offers, it aims to reduce the global cancer burden by facilitating the exchange of knowledge, expertise and technical skills. The programme also enables networking and collaboration across institutions and countries.

UICC fellows come from around the globe and work in all areas of cancer control. The fellowships allow them to visit world-renowned institutions in order to learn best practices and new skills.

What type of fellowships are available?

The Technical Fellowships and the sub-programme focused on Francophone Africa, Bourses pour l'Afrique Francophone will reopen on 1 February 2021

Click below to register for the UICC Fellowships' weekly Q&A zoom for an hour every Wednesday at 14:00 CEST where you are able to discuss in person with a member of the Fellowship team and ask questions about the application process.

For enquiries about the Zoom Q&A, please write to fellows@uicc.org

Fellowships are available in one- or three-month durations:

Technical Fellowships are open to candidates holding a Master's degree or medical equivalent. Funding contributes towards travel costs and living expenses during a one-month visit. The Technical Fellowships programme has been adapted to support applications from francophone Africa, including the opportunity to apply in French. More information is provided below. 

Les Bourses pour l’Afrique Francophone sont des bourses d’un mois spécifiquement destinées aux personnels de santé et autres professionnels travaillant dans le domaine du cancer et basés en Afrique francophone.

The YY Study Grants  provide an important opportunity to advance cancer research through international collaboration. Their purpose is to enable individuals from any country to carry out cancer research projects abroad and including the opportunity to receive further training in research methods or techniques.

New: Virtual Fellowships allow cancer professionals from UICC member organisations to obtain expert learning and guidance in cancer control in English, French or Spanish, through a series of four one-to-one one hour video calls with experts. This initiative complements the Technical Fellowships programme, providing an online alternative to UICC members.

When are the application deadlines?

Fellowship programmes Open / Ouverture Closes / Clôture
UICC Technical Fellowships 

1 February 2021

31 December 2021

Bourses pour l’Afrique Francophone   1 février 2021 31 decembre 2021
YY study grants June 2021 tbc September 2021 tbc
Virtual Fellowships  1 February 2021 31 December 2021

Please download and distribute the UICC Fellowships Flyer within your network, applicants from all regions are welcome:

Programme chairs and reviewers

The selection process would not be possible without the high quality evaluations provided by international experts in the many different fields of cancer control, that inform the programme chairs when making the final funding decisions. We sincerely thank both chairs and reviewers for their time and dedication.

What is the impact of the Fellowship Programme?


UICC Fellows come from around the globe and work in all areas of cancer control. Over 4,000 fellowships have been awarded to date. Awarded UICC fellows who have been surveyed say that their cancer knowledge has increased and their professional networks have expanded as a result of their UICC fellowship visit, and that their new skills are much valued by their Home Institutions.

All Fellowship partners 2020


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Monday 11 January 2021
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UICC Technical Fellows Benda Kithaka of Women4Cancer, Kenya and Eveline Tata Mayaah of Humanity at Heart International Association, Cameroon (right)
22 September 2020

UICC Fellowships reopen for applications

The UICC Technical Fellowships and Bourses pour l’Afrique Francophone will re-open for applications from 2nd October, following their temporary closure since April due to COVID-19. The annual call for the YY study grants will also open.

UICC launches its Virtual Fellowships
15 June 2020

Virtual Fellowships for UICC Members

UICC is launching a virtual alternative to the in-person learning experience provided by UICC’s Fellowships programmes, allowing the continued transfer and exchange of key skills and knowledge in cancer control at a time when UICC members need it the most.

Eveline Tata Mayaah 2.png
13 May 2020

Operation 1000 women: lessons learned from Kenya

UICC Fellow, Eveline Tata Mayaah, founder of Humanity at Heart International shares the skills and knowledge she gained from visiting a UICC member organisation in Kenya, and how she has applied these new skills to her work in Cameroon.

African Cancer Fellowships
17 April 2020

UICC temporarily closes call for 2020 Technical Fellowships

As part of its response to the coronavirus pandemic, UICC is temporarily closing the calls for the 2020 Technical Fellowships and for the sub-programme focused on Francophone Africa, Bourses pour l’Afrique francophone.

Ahmed Hefnawy, Young Leader, King Hussein Cancer Center, Middle East, Womens Health
2 April 2020

Comprehensive cancer care in the Middle East

UICC’s Young Leader, Dr Ahmed Hefnawy shares details about his visit to the King Hussein Cancer Centre as part of his journey to improve Gynecologic Cancer services in Egypt.

Fellows Cameroon visit Jordan
10 February 2020

Apply now for a 2020 Technical Fellowship or Bourse pour l’Afrique francophone

Enhance your skills and gain knowledge in cancer control, prevention and treatment. Our fellowships connect you with international organisations to bring vital expertise back home. Do you have what it takes?