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The threat of antimicrobial resistance to cancer treatment and survival is a priority for UICC. Currently, knowledge and awareness of the impact of antimicrobial resistance on cancer outcomes within the cancer community is low. It is urgent that oncology professionals, cancer advocates, programme managers, patient groups and other stakeholders working in the field of cancer understand and address the factors that contribute to the development and spread of AMR and strategies for infection control.

In this regard, UICC will develop information to increase awareness and support the cancer community to come together and drive policy change, taking forward the WHO global action plan on antimicrobial resistance.

AMR Supplement

To sustain focus on the issue and mobilize action on addressing AMR, a special supplement of AMR Control emphasizing the impact of AMR on cancer care outcomes and was launched at the World Cancer Congress 2022. Written by over 50 experts committed to researching the scale of AMR and to finding workable solutions, the supplement is an excellent reference for the cancer community as well as being a key resource for advocacy efforts.

How antibiotic resistance develops

Antibiotics get less effective

Antibiotics help our bodies to kill the types of bacteria that make us sick.

Antibiotic resistance

Some of the bacteria that make us sick get better at defending themselves against antibiotics, meaning resistant bacteria are harder to kill. This is called antibiotic resistance.​

Antibiotics help our bodies to kill bacteria that makes us sick

The resistant bacteria start to multiply, making our antibiotics less and less effective.

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Causes of antimicrobial resistance

WHO - Causes of antimicrobial resistance

Latest news and blog articles about AMR

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Close-up of the hand of a hospital patient in bed, receiving an IV
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Fatema Rafiqi

What can be done about drug resistance?

Man wearing a mask undergoing cancer treatment

Podcast "Let's talk cancer": Antimicrobial Resistance – a silent pandemic

Antibiotic resistance is among the many challenges facing the ability of countries in Sub-Saharan Africa to properly manage cancer patients

UICC Editorial in the Bangkok Post: "Drug resistance is killing millions"

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Invest in nursing education to strengthen the fight against antimicrobial resistance

Woman in white blouse reaching for medication on a shelf
Howard Catton
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Antimicrobial resistance

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) or drug resistance, including antibiotic resistance, is a growing public health issue and needs urgent attention in countries around the world.

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The threat of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and its impact on cancer treatment is a priority for UICC.

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