International Collaboration on Nutrition in relation to Cancer (ICONIC)

“A more coherent approach to nutrition and cancer, from molecular to clinical and population research and in basic and continued medical education, would enable greater sharing of, and building on, best practice currently employed in countries” 


— Professor Alan Jackson, Chair of the International Task Force on Nutrition and Cancer

Professor Emeritus of Human Nutrition, University of Southampton; Honorary Consultant in Clinical Nutrition, Southampton University Hospitals NHS Trust 

Improving and disseminating information about cancer and nutrition is an important component in cancer management in countries at all levels of economic development. However, those working in the field of cancer are often unfamiliar with the role of nutrition in the care of cancer patients. Equally, those working in nutrition are often not involved in the prevention and management of cancer.

A lack of synergy between the fields of nutrition and cancer can be found in research, education, and practice. Consequently, there is a need for coordinated policy approaches that bring together clinical and public health perspectives in both the cancer and nutrition communities. This is particularly important given that cancer is now the second leading cause of death globally, as well as a leading cause of morbidity.[1]

The International Collaboration on Nutrition in relation to Cancer (ICONIC) is a taskforce that was set up to address this lack of synergy and to form partnerships between the nutrition and cancer communities to promote and facilitate research, education and training.

The taskforce is proud to include organisations with international commitment and responsibility in relation to cancer, nutrition, or both. The founding organisations are:

UICC’s commitment to ICONIC is in line with the World Cancer Declaration’s Target 3 which calls for a reduction in overweight and obesity, unhealthy diet, alcohol intake, and levels of physical inactivity.

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Thursday 30 July 2020

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