Integrated Cancer Control Initiative in Latin America (ICCI-LA)

Report by ICCI-LA identifies major health system challenges and policy responses to Argentina’s rising burden of cancer

Launched in 2019, the Integrated Cancer Control Initiative in Latin America (ICCI-LA) is a first-of-its kind comprehensive policy study on health systems response to cancer control in four countries in Latin America – Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Colombia.

Objectives of the study are to:

  • identify the existing level of knowledge and data available to assess the cancer burden and health system responses to cancer prevention, care and control
  • determine the main challenges in relation to cancer care and control that need addressing in countries
  • detail potential interventions to develop an effective response to these challenges
  • build an inclusive coalition of stakeholders to mount a sustained and lasting response in order to improve health outcomes, enhance financial protection and reduce inequalities

The study combines extensive analysis of all published national data on health systems response to cancer and stakeholder consultations with health care leaders from all key sectors in each country.

ICCI-LA is overseen by a Global Steering Committee whose membership includes researchers and professionals from Harvard University, UICC, the Latin American and Caribbean Society of Medical Oncology (SLACOM) and the University of Miami. Funding for ICCI-LA is provided through an unrestricted grant by NOVARTIS and administered by UICC.

ICCI-LA’s  first country-level study report, Addressing the rising burden of cancer in Argentina: Challenges & opportunities is now available. See links below for the full report and Executive Summary in English and Spanish.

Last update: 
Monday 31 August 2020