UICC responding to the call to action to eliminate cervical cancer

Generations free of the threat of cervical cancer

Civil society organisations active across the spectrum of health and community education and wellbeing are ready to step up to eliminate cervical cancer.

In response to the global call to action by WHO Director General, Dr Tedros in May 2018 and the global strategy 2020-2030 towards elimination of cervical cancer as a public health problem, we make a collective call to Heads of States for urgency in making national commitments to scale-up implementation of vital services that leave no one behind. 

Cervical cancer, caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV) and particularly devastating in those living with HIV co-infection, is a growing public health concern. Currently, every 2 minutes a life is lost to this disease. The fact that nearly 9 of 10 these deaths are women in low- and middle-income countries, describes the glaring global divide in access to life-saving information and services.

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We already have proven and cost-effective solutions to prevent cervical cancer, to treat it and to care for those with late stage disease. We are urging Heads of State to demonstrate political leadership, make commitments and act to implement programmes with equitable access and coverage to services, to put the country on the pathway to elimination:

  • Public information and education services across the life course to build health literacy and health provider skill sets.
  • HPV vaccination of at least 90% of the target population.
  • Screen all age-eligible women to reach 70% coverage, with prompt follow up and treatment of women who screen positive for cervical pre-cancerous lesions;
  • Early detection, prompt referral and optimal multidisciplinary treatment of invasive cervical cancer and
  • Pain management and palliative care for all that need them, to achieve 90% follow up rates. 

Your decisive action and sustained commitment to national programmes will save lives, improve wellbeing and provide economic benefits for families and communities.

Global Strategy Towards Elimination of Cervical Cancer


Work on the Global Strategy Towards Elimination of Cervical Cancer is moving forward rapidly following the overwhelming support of our governments at the Executive Board in January.

World Immunization Week

The theme for World Immunization Week this year is Protected Together: Vaccines Work! Underscoring both the safety and the importance of the herd effect, the campaign will also celebrate Vaccine Heroes from around the world – from parents and community members to health workers and innovators – who all help ensure we are all protected through the power of vaccines.

Add the hashtag #HPVVaccinesWork to ensure the HPV vaccination has a good share of voice and build the understanding of its role in the elimination of cervical cancer.

Ways for you to get involved
Show your support

We ask all members to endorse the statement urging Heads of State to demonstrate political leadership, make commitments at the High Level Meeting on NCDs and take action to put in place national programmes with equitable access and coverage to services.

Join the online consultation

WHO posted an open online consultation on 11 April, it will be open for 4 weeks. Bring your perspectives to the draft global strategy towards elimination of cervical cancer as a public health problem and help ensure that final 2020-2030 strategy will have the national impact that is needed to save lives.

Get prepared

WHO regional offices will be holding some form of consultation in the period May–July. Check out the NCD alliance webinar for ideas of how you can ensure your government is prepared and takes civil society perspectives to the consultation.

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Cervical Cancer Latest News and Blogs
Dr Tedros, Sanchia Aranda and Princess Dina Mired at the Walk the Talk event in Geneva
23 May 2018

A call to action to eliminate cervical cancer globally

19 May 2018 | Geneva, Switzerland – UICC was proud to join United Nations (UN) agencies in organising a milestone meeting at World Health Assembly (WHA), where WHO Director General, Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, made a call to action for the elimination of cervical cancer globally.

shutterstock_759578407_women Africa for HPV Day 2019.jpg
4 March 2019

Can we really eliminate Cervical Cancer?

On International HPV Awareness Day, Professor Karen Canfell, Director of Cancer Research at Cancer Council NSW, shares her views on the opportunities to eliminate cervical cancer as a public health problem.

24 January 2019

311,000 Women: This is Our Fight. Together, We Will Eliminate Cervical Cancer

Every year, an estimated 311,000 women die of cervical cancer. In May 2018, the WHO Director-General led partners in a joint Call to Action to Eliminate Cervical Cancer. This is an ambitious and attainable goal in all countries. We have the knowledge, the technologies, and the means to achieve it. With sufficient political will and persistent implementation of national scale services, we can indeed make this a reality for generations to come. ​


Call for elimination of Cervical Cancer

24 September – A World Free of Cervical Cancer – United Nations General Assembly – the lead up to the high level meeting on NCDs

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