UICC Constitution 2020

The General Assembly adopted a new Constitution for UICC in August 2010. It was subsequently revised in August 2012, then again in October 2016 and most recently in April 2020.

Constitution valid as of 27 April 2020

Changes made in April 2020:

  • Added paragraph 10.10, which enables the General Assembly to not only be held in the form of a face-to-face meeting, but also by videoconference, or a mixture of the two.

Changes made in October 2016:

  • With effect from the next General Assembly in 2018, there will no longer be an Immediate Past-President as an ex-officio member of the Board, as a six-year commitment (two years as President-Elect, two years as President and two years as Immediate Past President) was deemed too long and might limit the number of individuals who wish to be considered for the role.
  • The Board of Directors will be empowered to appoint an individual who has financial skills to take the role of Treasurer, should the vote at the General Assembly result in such an individual not being elected
  • Other minor changes to the Constitution were also proposed to clarify the above-mentioned modifications.

Minor changes made in August 2012:

  • Clarification of name of UICC
  • Clarification of distribution of assets in case of liquidation of UICC
  • Clarification of voluntary status of UICC Board Members 

Changes made in August 2010:

  • Full English text name to be Union for International Cancer Control so that the “UICC” acronym is consistent with that for the French, Spanish, Latin texts.
  • Advocacy to be included explicitly in the Constitution.

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