TNM Atlas, 7th edition

The TNM Atlas, 7th Edition, a companion for the TNM Classification, is designed as an aid for the practical application of the TNM classification system by illustrating the T and N categories in clear and easily understandable graphics.

The aim of such a presentation is twofold: to enable all disciplines involved to reach a more standardized understanding and documentation of the anatomic spread of tumours, and to further enhance the dissemination and use of the TNM classification. The 7th edition of the TNM Atlas was released in June 2021.

ISBN: 978-1-119-26384-5 

Resource Information
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James D. Brierley (Editor)
Hisao Asamura (Editor)
Elisabeth van Eycken (Editor)
Brian Rous (Editor)
Publish Date: 
10 June 2021
Target Audience: 
Medical Professionals
Last update: 
Thursday 10 June 2021