Table of contents

Chapter 1: Definition of cervical cancer and other anogenital cancers by histology and clinical course
W. Kühn

Chapter 2: Screening and diagnosis
a. Visual screening for cervical neoplasia
 - R. Sankaranarayanan, C. Santos
b. Histology
 - C. Bergeron
c. Colposcopy
 - A. Schneider
d. HPV analysis and typing
 - S. Garland, S. Tabrizi
e. Staging
 - A. Schneider

Chapter 3: The role of HPV
A. Anttila, H. Vertio

Chapter 4: Immunoprevention of HPV infections
M. Stanley

Chapter 5: Application of HPV vaccines
S. Garland

Chapter 6: Methods of treatment
a. Cryotherapy
 - R. Sankaranarayanan, C. Santos
b. Loop Electrosurgical Excision Procedure (LEEP)
 - R. Sankaranarayanan, C. Santos
c.1. Treatment algorithm
 - A. Schneider
c.2. Surgery
 - A. Schneider
c.3. Radiation
 - A. Schneider

Chapter 7: Palliative care
A. Merriman, R. Kiwanuka, E. Rosenblatt, G. Fyles, M. O’Brien, M.S. de Sabata

Chapter 8: Educational issues
a. Planning health communication for change - J.B. Harford
b. Educational policies - H. Sancho-Garnier

Chapter 9: Strategic planning
a. Strategic planning for cervical cancer prevention - H. Sancho-Garnier
b. Required infrastructure for the successful implementation
 of an HPV vaccination programme
 - H. Sancho-Garnier
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