International Cancer Information Service Group Toolkit

Established in 1996, the International Cancer Information Service Group (ICISG) is a worldwide network of more than 70 organisations that deliver cancer information.  ICISG’s mission is to assist organisations in providing high quality information and resources on all aspects of cancer to those concerned or affected by cancer throughout the world.


ICISG achieves this by:

  • Providing and sharing information and tools for management, evaluation, training and quality of cancer information services.
  • Promoting collaboration between cancer information services in different countries throughout the world.
  • Acting as a forum for exchange, discussion and support.
  • Developing and updating core values for cancer information services.
  • Increasing awareness of cancer information and support services
  • Supporting the development of new services throughout the world by providing required tools, education and mentors.

A Cancer Information Service (CIS):

A CIS is one that is developed in order to meet the cancer information needs of the public. It involves the provision of good quality information on cancer, on a one-on-one basis, through a service that is free and confidential.

The Cancer Information Service (CIS) Tool Box provided by ICISG is for anyone or any organisation that wishes to start or is presently operating a service providing cancer information over the telephone. It is based on the experience and materials of cancer organisations that are delivering cancer information services around the world.

What's included in this Tool Box 

  • Information on how to assess the needs and design an appropriate structure for a CIS telephone service for your organisation
  • Information on how to start and manage a CIS telephone service
  • Samples of materials to support the delivery of cancer information services, such as a guide to responding to emailed and written enquiries.
  • Practical lessons learned by members of the International Cancer Information Service Group (ICISG)  

How to use this Tool Box 

If you are starting a CIS, use the Tool Box as a roadmap. It will guide you as you plan your service and will offer you the tools and processes you need.

If you already have a service, you will find interesting ideas and tools that may help you improve on and expand the services you currently provide.

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