Call for elimination of Cervical Cancer - Webinar

In particular, the focus was on galvanizing support of your policymakers for the upcoming Executive Board. The dedicated agenda item 6.5 Accelerating Cervical Cancer Elimination and supporting background paper can be found here.

Please reach out to your governments to make them aware of this agenda item. How can they help:

  • Share any thoughts or concerns
  • Signal their support of the ambition by co-sponsoring the agenda item (contact us or the Australian mission in Geneva)
  • Make a formal commitment to scaling up action to reduce cervical cancer incidence and mortality by expressing alignment of services with the elimination ambition.

Keep us informed by:

  • Sharing any feedback from your discussions with government representatives
  • Providing us with a short case study of good progress on cervical cancer in your country to

You can also access the and download the materials below. 




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