2014 Advocacy Toolkit (English)

The 2nd edition of the UICC Advocacy Toolkit ‘Galvanizing Efforts To Achieve The World Cancer Declaration Targets’ is out today.

The first edition of this toolkit was launched to support our members in their advocacy work in the lead-up to the 2011 United Nations (UN) High-level Meeting on Non-communicable Diseases (NCDs), where the world took a major step forward towards reducing the global cancer burden. It was during this watershed event that heads of state and governments adopted the UN Political Declaration on the Prevention and Control of NCDs. Success followed in 2012 with the adoption of a global target to reduce premature deaths from NCDs by 25% by 2025. Then, in 2013, the foundations of a new global NCD architecture were put in place with the adoption of a Global Monitoring Framework for NCDs (GMF), a Global NCD Action Plan 2013-2020 (GAP), and a Global Coordination Mechanism for NCDs.

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Publish Date: 
1 January 2014
Target Audience: 
Medical Professionals
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Friday 7 June 2019