Patient Group Mentoring programme in the Eastern Mediterranean region


Based on the success from the Patient Group Mentoring programme in Asia Pacific, UICC decided to extend the Programme to the Eastern Mediterranean with the engagement of five breast cancer patient groups organisations. This regional programme is part of the broader Breast Cancer Programme

Baheya Breast Cancer Foundation Egypt
Breast Cancer Foundation of Egypt Egypt
Fadia Survive & Thrive Association Kuwait
Lebanese Breast Cancer Foundation Lebanon
Patient's Friends Society-Jerusalem Palestine

Activities planned

  • Tailored assistance based on a needs assessment to maximise access to UICC capacity building opportunities and other stakeholders' opportunities for patient engagement.

  • Virtual meetings between the patient groups to encourage collaboration and peer to peer exchanges.

  • Access to the Master course on Patient Engagement, Virtual Dialogues and other relevant opportunities.

  • Possibility to be part of the Project ECHO on Breast Cancer for interested patient groups.

  • Dedicated online discussions with external experts on identified common needs. 

Last update: 
Tuesday 15 December 2020