The world comes together to show its support: A snapshot of World Cancer Day 2018

6 February 2018

This past weekend marked the final year of the ‘We can. I can.’ World Cancer Day campaign, a campaign which has sought, since 2016, to empower everyone – individuals, communities and organisations – to take action for themselves, the people they love and the wider world. 

On Sunday, the world came together to raise its voice to call for greater equity in accessing cancer services, greater investment in cancer control and more commitment by governments to save millions of lives from cancer.

Over 800 activities (and counting) in more than 120 countries were led by individuals, cancer organisations, cities, governments, businesses, schools, and communities. We can’t possibly feature them all, however we have put together a snapshot of how the world came together this past Sunday 4 February.  

Over the next several weeks, we will be combing through as many of the activities as we can for the 2018 World Cancer Day Impact Report. If you would like to share your World Cancer Day 2018 videos and/or photos, please email

To individuals living with cancer, families and caregivers, healthcare professionals, governments, UICC members, World Cancer Day partners, and supporters, you made an impact. Thank you.

The Biden Cancer Initiative celebrated the FIERCE in everyone  

Football legends, FC Porto gave some love 

So did Minister Bruno Bruins, Health Minister for The Netherlands

Even E.T. gave us a Sign for Change

Boeringher Ingelheim struck a chord, raising awareness of rare cancers

Norwegian librarians helped spread the word

World records were broken and funds were raised

A doctor gave a reminder for kindness in cancer care

A match made in heaven: Novartis, the Egyptian Olympics Committee and Harley Davidson teamed up for World Cancer Day

Last update: 
Friday 7 June 2019