UICC receives impressive list of nominees for the new Board of Directors

Election of the 2018-2020 board at the 2018 General Assembly which took place in conjunction with the 2018 World Cancer Congress in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
23 July 2020

UICC members have submitted a selection of 44 renowned personalities from the global cancer community who are willing to serve on the 2020-2022 Board of Directors[1].

Following a thorough review of all submissions, the UICC Nominating Committee[2] has shortlisted a group of outstanding candidates with a healthy mix of skillsets, geography, gender and cancer control backgrounds. The shortlist comprises 22 candidates for the 14 available Board of Director roles and two out of 6 candidates for the President-elect position.

“It is truly great to see that so many outstanding experts want to make a difference for cancer control on UICC's Board”, says HRH Princess Dina Mired, UICC President. “This certainly speaks for the relevance and reputation of our organisation and is a promising sign for UICC's future.”

The elections will take place at the UICC General Assembly[3] on 6th October 2020. It will be held virtually, for the first time ever, allowing all members to join from anywhere in the world.

“We would like to thank everyone who has accepted to run for the elections for their availability, interest and motivation to help us support the cancer community in the best possible way”, said Dr Cary Adams, CEO, UICC.

The full candidates’ profiles containing their motivational texts as well as more information about the elections and the General Assembly will be made available on this website in August.

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[1] UICC Board of Directors is composed of 16 voting members elected by the General Assembly, including the President and the President-Elect.

[2] The Nominating Committee consists of the President-Elect, the President, the Immediate Past-President and two Board members appointed by the Board.

[3] UICC General Assembly is the supreme governing body of UICC. It is attended by all UICC members and it is convened every two years.

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Monday 5 October 2020