UICC awarded for its website uicc.org

Charles Revkin, Comms & Web Manager, UICC, receives award
24 February 2018

Brussels, Friday 23 February 2018 - UICC proudly received the European Association Award for Best Association Website for uicc.org.

Convening over 250 senior professionals from associations across Europe, the European Association Awards ceremony recognised individuals, teams and initiatives, and highlighted excellence in how associations operate and serve their members.

The Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) was shortlisted in two categories - Best Association Website and Best Overall European Association.

Best Association Website, European Association Awards 2018

The winning entry was for Best Association Website with uicc.org. In June 2017, UICC launched a brand-new website to support its purpose of uniting the cancer community to reduce the global cancer burden, promote greater equity, and to integrate cancer into the world health and development agenda. The website was re-built from the ground up into a modern, dynamic, flexible, accessible, and user-friendly platform built by and for the cancer community.

The aim was to enhance the user experience through better navigation by setting in place powerful search tools, better categorisation and tagging of content. In short, it has become a ‘living, breathing website’ packed with top-quality content that is easy for the cancer community to find, discover and use. We also introduced many new innovative features, such as Social live, a social media hub for the global cancer community, an alerts system, providing regularly returning visitors a place to quickly identify new content, a news aggregation feed, featuring the latest news and many other new improvements.

The European Association Awards Judging Panel 2018 had the following to say about the two nominations:

Best Association Website

"A well structured, easy to navigate, informative website that offers great interactivity.  Really complete at first sight - very user friendly."

Overall, Best Association

“A very professional and well-run organisation - their increase in membership is impressive.”

“Efficient and professional organization that majors in uniting and representing the 'cancer community.”

“Very impressive growth in membership of the organisation in a relatively short time.”

“Reports are well written and demonstrate high level political support from different countries. Web site is informative and has easy to access reports and information. Member satisfaction indices are excellent and on the rise. Extensive range of languages used. Impressive communications results.”

UICC is delighted to be the winner of the European Association award for Best Association Website which acknowledges not only the efforts of the internal team at UICC but also the invaluable support of the web developers and designers who were key contributors to the success of the project, as well as the online cancer and wider health community, our members and partners.

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Top: Charles Andrew Revkin, Communications and Web Manager at UICC collects the Award for Best Association Website.

Below: The UICC team in Brussels, Hugo Nicolaus, Charles Andrew Revkin, Vanessa Von der Muhll, Cary Adams, Nathalie Hasler, Natasha Mehandroo.

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