UICC awarded at the International & European Association Awards 2018

Best Website & Integration Winner
15 March 2018

Antwerp, Belgium | Tuesday 13 March 2018 – UICC was the proud winner of the award for “Best Website and Integration”, a category which recognises associations who have created a new website or significantly updated their old website in the last year.

Winner badge for Best Website & Integration

The International & European Association Awards, organised by the Association of Associations Executives, have been established in order to raise the profile of associations, their executives, and give them the recognition for their effort and success. All nominations are judged by a judging panel consisting of influential association leaders and specialists, all focused on the continuous improvement of associations. View the full list of winners here.

The judges' comments on uicc.org for the 'Best Website & Integration' category were:

“The website was very well designed to user needs. The data showed a very great increase in use, with additional halo effect."

The awards ceremony was held in conjunction with the Associations World Congress 2018, a conference attended by over 400 delegates composed of employees and officers of professional, scientific and trade membership organisations in Europe.

UICC would like to take this opportunity to extend a special thanks to Agence Inovae, our web development agency, and to Motherbird, our design agency, for their invaluable contributions to this success.

Charles Andrew Revkin, Communications & Web Manager, receiving the award on behalf of UICC.(Photo by Toerisme Vlaanderen CC BY-NC-SA 2.0).Click to zoom
The International & European Association Award winners of the evening pose for a photo.Click to zoom

About UICC.org

In June 2017, UICC launched a brand-new website to support its purpose of uniting the cancer community to reduce the global cancer burden, promote greater equity, and to integrate cancer into the world health and development agenda. The website was re-built from the ground up into a modern, dynamic, flexible, accessible, and user-friendly platform built by and for the cancer community.

The aim was to enhance the user experience through better navigation by setting in place powerful search tools, better categorisation and tagging of content. In short, it has become a ‘living, breathing website’ packed with top-quality content that is easy for the cancer community to find, discover and use. We also introduced many new innovative features, such as Social live, a social media hub for the global cancer community, an alerts system, providing regularly returning visitors a place to quickly identify new content, a news aggregation feed, featuring the latest news and many other new improvements.

Best Association Website, European Association Awards 2018

In February 2018, uicc.org website was already awarded at the European Association Award for Best Association Website.

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