Submit a nomination for the UICC Board and President-Elect until 1st July 2020

Election of the 2018-2020 board at the 2018 General Assembly which took place in conjunction with the 2018 World Cancer Congress in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
26 June 2020

Members can still submit their nominations for the 2020-2022 UICC Board of Directors[i] and UICC President-Elect until 1st July 2020.

This is the opportunity for members to submit candidates who will form the team that provides strategic direction to the organisation for the next two years. 

The Nominating Committee[ii] will be responsible for reviewing the nominations received. Along with the UICC President, the Committee will put forward to the General Assembly[iii] an appropriate number of candidates[iv] for the elections of the next President-Elect and members of the Board of Directors.

Members can participate in the process by nominating candidates via the link provided below and/or voting at the General Assembly for the UICC Board of Directors and the UICC President-Elect.

The General Assembly will be held virtually, for the first time ever, on 6th October 2020, allowing all members to join from anywhere in the world. 

In order to facilitate the nomination process and help members identify nominees, two Terms of Reference describe the criteria for candidates for Board of Directors and for the President-Elect.

Click here for the nomination process

Important documents:

[i] UICC Board of Directors is composed of 16 voting members elected by the General Assembly, including the President and the President-Elect.
[ii] The Nominating Committee consists of the President-Elect, the President, the Immediate Past-President and two Board members appointed by the Board.
[iii] UICC General Assembly is the supreme governing body of UICC. It is attended by all UICC members and it is convened every two years.
[iv] The slate of nominees would be determined to ensure a balance of skills, geography, gender and cancer control background as well to ensure continuity between current Board members and new Board members. The Nominating Committee would aim at presenting an appropriate number of candidates for the 14 positions available for members of the Board and one position for President-Elect.

Last update: 
Tuesday 30 June 2020